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Returned player DPS

Soul Shriven
Hello, I am a returned player after 3 years. I just did a try on the trial dummy and I got 45k of DPS with my old Build. I have 660CP. My question is if it is within the current game standards? Obviously I have to improve it, but I would like to know if I am on the right track, thank you all.
  • Elrond87
    i had a year break from game, my stam nb at most after a few goes was 100k on trial dummy or like 50 somthing on robust dummy but cp 1650ish, im sure it is good enough for any group dungeon what you do, or a normal trial, but for vet get a updated build i should think.
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  • lrs8855b14_ESO
    Here is the absolute best resource. Research thoroughly, and you'll improve immensely.
    StamDK StamBlade MagCro MagPlar MagSorc TankDen

  • UntilValhalla13
    45k on the trial dummy is pretty low. It should get higher by updating your build/rotation/weaving.
  • El_Borracho
    If you're back after 3 years the gear setups are much different, plus 660 CP is now low. Sorry. Upside is that with the new hybridization, you can totally rebuild and learn like the rest of us
  • VaultG80
    Soul Shriven
    Hi everyone, I have managed to improve the DPS on the dummy a bit. I hope I can improve my build and upload CP quickly, I accept suggestions regarding rotation, Greetings to all.

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