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Error 307: Booted from server

Is there a problem with the megaserver?
Edited by ZOS_Bill on November 19, 2021 6:50PM
  • priestnall.andrewrwb17_ESO
    Silence the mortals.
  • GrahamJoyce
    I've also been getting constant disconnects today. After I dcd eight times in less than an hour I got fed up and logged off for the night.
    Game was unplayable tonight. :(
  • priestnall.andrewrwb17_ESO
    @ZOS_Kevin - Can you update us on this issue? This is my forth unplayable day so far. I have not seen this predictable level of disconnects since early beta.
  • Tandor
    S2RDK wrote: »
    Is there a problem with the megaserver?

    Which one?
  • priestnall.andrewrwb17_ESO
    Fair comment; we have to specify. Every Daedrat you kill is a real sever hamster death; just think about that.
  • RNGeeze
    I was getting this often while at craft stations like the alchemy table or the outfitting stations and figured there was a hidden allotted time factor before a inactivity boot but last night I got hit with this out of the blue several times out in the field. It’s especially tricky because it locks you out from logging in again for some amount of time unless you fully restart the PlayStation (at least that’s my experience on PS5)
  • ZOS_Bill
    Please see this article for information on Error 307.

    If this error has persisted and is still occurring, then please go ahead and open a support ticket with us.
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