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A new ESO player looking for a place to call home

Hello everyone.

As a player i used to play WoW for years either Shadowlands or Classic and burning Crusade Classic, i left and i am personally done and dusted with games of that company the guild i was in decided that was time to end things and i was super let down by that since it took me a long time to find such a guild, that adding up with all that's been happening around that game and company i decided that it was time to leave, i still love WoW but i wasn't having fun and that for me is the most important thing in a game, i can't play or force myself to play games that i don't enjoy.

As a player i love to enjoy the games that i play and in MMORPG's i love to explore the world, have fun, interact with people, i love to get familiar with the systems that the games offers but i really don't care for drama and toxic environments, i do my best to stay away from these.
I'm simply searching for a guild to call home where i can settle in and just enjoy my time in ESO and with the people in the guild and also with those that i'm sure i will meet along the way, of course the fear of the guild could fall apart will be there because of what happened in the other game but that's something i have to work on my end and i'm sure it will go away in due time.

I am a player that enjoys or likes to enjoy either PvE or PvP content, am i good at it? No, i'm neither good or an hardcore player, i may not play ESO every single day because or IRL stuff or even playing other games with a few friends but if i really get into ESO i know that what will happen is me playing ESO as much as my time affords me.

I still haven't got into crafting and into trading but if one wants to trade and sell items to other players, is it mandatory that i have to join a trade guild? Can any guild social, PvP, etc have access to trading? This is still a confusing topic to me.

Anyway, i appreciate your time reading this post, I'm just looking for a group of people that think, like myself, that having fun and progress in a game like ESO is very well possible and can go hand to hand.

Best vibes to you all :smile:
  • leglesslizard
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there,

    Recently did a recruitment post on here as we are looking for more inexperienced members interested in filling our training runs for veteran content. I realise you have not asked for this specifically but we are a friendly bunch and have some members who do not participate but remain for the social side and people to occassionally group with, we're a very relaxed and friendly bunch.

    If you're interested in checking us out you can read more here:

    And if you want an invite to come say hello that's great, if we're not a good fit then you can just go on your merry way :)

    To answer your question: Guilds need enough members to be able to use their guild store (which is only accessible to other guild members) and I think this unlocks at 50members. Trading guilds will bid on a trader which "hosts" their guild store at that trader and allows the rest of the community to access the store (meaning you are much more likely to sell your items). So I would say that while it is not necessary to be in a trading guild to trade; don't expect to be sell much in a guild without a trader.
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