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ZOS please bring 24 ppl groups back

  • shacklebreaker
    Durnik wrote: »
    Not sure whether @shacklebreaker was referring to PVP or PVE. For PVE, 24 person groups for things outside of trials should be fine. PVP I could go either way 12 or 24. PVP needs to stop cross healing if you are grouped up with more than 3 other people. Let the solo people have their heals.

    Happened to me way too many times, if you're not sure where you are, scroll up to the top of the page and you can see where the post is, if its in pvp or pve section. With the rest of it, i totally agree, i could use 24 men group, crosshealing is OK, healing stack isnt, you cant have two Rapid Regens on you FULL STOP
  • TheEndBringer
    I remember when the switch was made to 12 man. There was an increase in performance. Not massive but noticable. I looked back in band chat and saw other people saying the same.

    Not having 24 man ball groups running in and grinding the server to a halt isn't missed.

    BUT it does suck for pugs because guilds usually won't pick them up anymore.
  • neferpitou73
    The thing is tho...the server is still grinding to a halt. So I don't think they actually solved anything and just introduced new problems.
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