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No Proc Sets for Ravenwatch, Any Updates with U32?

Have we heard anything new regarding this? How about the new mythic, Markyn Ring of Majesty? That seems like an item without a proc condition that might be worth using.

Just curious if we continue to be on our own as far as testing and using item sets in the no proc environment goes. Some are more obvious than others.

Any insight would be appreciated, @ZOS_BrianWheeler
Edited by Kartalin on November 1, 2021 4:02PM

Karllotta, AD Magplar, AR 50
Kharllotta, DC Magden, AR 43
Kartalin, AD Stamblade, AR 35
Milthalas, AD Magblade, AR 33
Miraliys, DC Stamden, AR 33
Kallenna, DC Magcro, AR 30
Miralys, EP Magsorc, AR 29
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  • neferpitou73
    They fixed the bug with Gaze of Sithis. Other than that no idea
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