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Trading addons TTC, AGS & MM: are there problems?


I do lot of trading. I use addons TTC, master merchant and awesome guild store and it worked trouble free up to now.

Since about two weeks, there are some days (it's not every day) where the history between logging off the day before and on the day after, seems not to record properly. To test that, I make sur to log off with 100 000 in my inventory. I then easily see how much I earned over night when I log on again day after. And yesterday, it happened: when I logged on today, I had 138 427 gold. It means that over night, I sold for an amount of 38 427 gold. Though, when I check at guild store, it's showing that I earned 1800 gold yesterday and 0 gold today. The recorded story isn't matching with reality: 28 427 gold don't show up.

Anyone else experiencing that recently?
I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message... PC/NA
  • DreamyLu
    Sorry for double posting, but I found the solution to the issue: when it happens, it's just due to massive lag. After about 50 minutes playing, I returned to store and this time, the missing gold was in history. :smile:

    I share about for info, in case others confront same case.
    I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message... PC/NA
  • Baertram
    If you want to speed that up:

    Before logout press G to open guilds, select history tab, and you should see the LibHistoire UI for the guild history at the bottom.
    At least MasterMerchant uses it so it should be there.
    Select the guild you want to update in the LibHistoire UI, select the history you want to update (bank, gold, sold items, ...), press the E keybind to get next data. Wait 2 seconds (the server will not be quicker than allowing you to press and actually react on E faster than every 2 seconds!) and repeat until the progess bars of LibHistoire ("Histy") are fully filled. Sometimes they are near fully fileld but won't ever get there. Just do a reloadui and it should be full.

    If you do this before each logout (hist should also ask if you really want to logout if data is currently still in the process of fetching. At least it did that in the past) and after each login it should be quick to obtain the history data that way.
    Waiting for the server to automatically do that could take several hours, depending on the amount of guilds, members and gold deposit/withdraw and items sold.
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