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Returning player: getting back up to speed on the story?

I left off playing the game after Elsweyr (finishing all that content). I'll admit, my memory isn't that great with retaining story details in MMOs where content spans a long period of time. I'd like to get back into the game and ideally pick up where I left off, but I legit don't recall much of anything beyond the basic main story of who you are and that dude in the cave at the start of the game/tutorial part. I really LIKED the story, I just have a bad memory. So I guess is there some way in-game to see maybe a summary of the chapters/dlc story stuff that I've done? I know that Guild Wars 2 has this and it's what helps me get back into it when I take a long break. Does ESO have something similar? Or do I either have to go read a summary online or make a new character and redo that content? I may make a new character anyway and just replay through all the content. But ideally, I'd hope for some kind of story summary so I can start experiencing the new stuff (after I remember how to play my class, haha). Thanks.
  • newtinmpls
    I don't know for sure (I'm terrible about doing the DLC stories despite subscribing, but there is a neat chart here that outlines the order

    Or a more story type of explanation:
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • architekt
    Thanks for the flow chart, I haven't seen that before, that's pretty neat.
  • Nestor
    Unlike some games where the story is an excuse to kill things, loot and level, ESO does, usually, have stories worth paying attention to.

    The Journal has a mechanism to get you back on track for any Story Line you have not finished.

    The Prophet is the Games Main Quest. Then there are Zone Main Quests, Chapter or DLC Main Quests. Other than the Zone and Main Game Quest, they can be done independently from each other. But as linked above, there is a chronological order that can be followed. Or not...

    About the Zone and Main quest, story wise, it is best to pick an Alliance (dont have to be in it) and do both at the same time. The prophet will bug you immediately after each stage, but you can ignore him. The MQ has about 6 major Stages, so do each one with each zone in an Alliance. The Journal can help guide you as to what Stage, use the Achievements tab for that.
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