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LF Guild - 7pm-1am EST - Prog Trials, vDLC mechanics/training, etc

50yo in South Carolina looking for semi casual Guild to join so I can learn Trails and vDLC content. 4000 hours over last 10 months, 1300+CP, DPS, Grand Master Crafter, play ~45hrs a week... Having a consistent trader would be nice as I'm currently in 5 Guilds, 4 of them trading, and I would have to drop one to join so I'd prefer not to lose a trader, still have tons of stuff to sell and have to decon anything worth less than 5000g so I have space to run with. I really need a guild that is primarily active from 7pm to 1am EST. Current non-trading guild runs trials on Sunday afternoons but I cant make it. TIA @BrokenChef
  • Mistindantacles
    Hello, Adventurer!

    Have you considered Guild Medieval ? Our ESO contingent boasts a healthy number of players that play regularly during the timeframe you indicated. And they are always looking for more people to run around Tamriel with!

    If you're interested or have any questions, check out our recruitment thread through the link above!
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