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cp bgs

1. why do i even have to ask for this why isnt it already a thing ?

in cyro u can play cp or no cp its just ur personal prefrence for me it is cp cause i can custimize my character further but if i wanna ever wanna play bgs i have to adapt and sometimes even completly change my build because there is no option for cp bgs and i just cant understand why - not to long ago u balanced cps with the rework this should (in my opinion) remove the need for no cp atall but if u wanna keep it ATLEAST give us other players the option to play how we want to not to get forced a playstyle on me i dont want

i know there once where cp bgs but its so long ago u completly changed the cp system 20times atleast since then so there is no reason to not add a 2. queue
  • Ezorus
    CP is (one of) the worst things about cyrodiil.. there is already tanky un-killable mother f-ers in BGs without CP to help them. The good thing about BGs are their balanced numbers, instant PvP, and possible from low levels.

    Can't split the queue down any more either cause they are already low population (thanks Dark convergence)
  • Elo106
    I would welcome CP BGs, having so many different game modes is annoying.
    Cant use the CP Cyro build in BGs, cant use the BG build in Cyro cause its no proc. Having one "set of rules" would be better
  • Kordai
    The issue is that adding options is good unless it splits up a lower populated queue. Bg's aren't all that popular besides people doing the daily. Solo queue already takes quite a bit more time than the general queue. While I would like for there to be options, I don't know if the queue can afford it.
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