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General discusion under game discussion
possibly a Trade section (on per alliance and crafting style perhaps?)

and then of course in game either a trade channel or auction house. there is simply no easy way of getting info the the people who need to see it. good luck finding the person who can craft x item with x trait at x level/style. its blind luck.

and then when we DO manage to find what we're looking for lets list the deterents:
-Broken cod system that charges not only rediculous amounts, but scales very oddly when u send more than 1 item
-huge market taxes (getting fixed i know)
-phasing (also fixable but still annoying)

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  • Phazzle
    Agree that! We need a place to just jam about the game.
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  • Prismatic
    We need a completely redesigned forum layout. Why Zenimax chose to abandon the standard layout for forums and make their own less efficient layout is beyond me.

    I get wanting to try something new and stand out, but that only goes so far. Don't try to reinvent the wheel Zenimax. Make your game stand out in other ways.
  • Blackwolfe5
    Agree both on the general forum part and the about the layout.

    Currently the layout of the forum needs to be unfuglied and actually usable. Whoever designed the forum layout must have serious skooma problems because the forums look like something the Khajit dragged in.
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  • n.englishb14_ESO
    Forums sounds like possibly the lowest priority thing they could work on. Especially considering all the community sites, people use already.
  • Prismatic

    People wonder why the official forums are dead? Well look no farther than the convoluted setup Zenimax has going on.

    - Why are forums for different languages all clustered together? Is Zenimax afraid they'll get sued for language segregation if they separate the different language sections like every single other forum layout?

    - Why do we have to click through so many categories to find the subforum we're looking for? There are way too many "folders" and no way to quickly bypass them to access the subforums like (yet again) every other forum layout allows you to do. The "Categories" list on the right side of the screen is what the main page of the forums should look like. The only problem is you can't actually see that nice list on the side until you actually click on a post. Why is that list not on the main page?

    - So many categories are missing from the forums, first and foremost among them being the aforementioned General Discussion and Trade categories.

    These reasons among others are why so many people are using Reddit.,,, and others. Other MMOs don't have such a massive split in where their players post because the official forums are so much more attractive and usable.

    Zenimax you have a lot of work to do, both ingame and on the website. Hopefully you guys stop trying to reinvent the wheel and start listening to your playerbase before people start leaving. As Warhammer, TOR, Rift, TSW, and others have all proved, once your playerbase starts leaving its almost impossible to build back up.
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  • Deviante
    Aside from a significantly improved trade/auction house system the most important thing in my mind that needs to be fixed is the Weapon Swap, Potion Use and dodge mechanics.
    All of these need to be instant when you hit the button regardless of the animation you are currently in, I dont care if it cancels an ability im doing but when I need to dodge roll out of an aoe or switch weapons or use a potion in a pinch I dont want to have to wait a second or so till my character is standing at idle for this to take effect.
    It is hard enough playing from australia with what I have to assume is a higher latency and trying to avoid an aoe attack without having my dodge etc not work at a snap during combat.
    I cannot count the number of times I have run to the outside edge of an aoe attack stopped moving as my character is outside then been hit regardless at least if I could use dodge roll effectively I could guarantee my safety rather than gamble with my life.
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