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Help! Rrevert to previous Bank Manager Version?

PLEASE HELP!! I just updated Bank Manager Revived and it has erased ALL my character settings, it has removed the option to copy settings from another character for quick set up (I have a Lot of characters, set up will take FOREVER), and it DOESN'T have some of the options it used to! Everything is so broken now. It was perfect before, automatically funnelling everything I wanted exactly where I wanted, and now it's completely useless. PLEASE someone tell me how to get the previous edition back?????
Edited by Aelthwyn on October 14, 2021 7:24PM
  • daim
    There not much you can do if your savedvariables was saved and you did not have back up.
    Are you talking about the slim edition? It has had some major chamges in v 13 it seems, but thats quite long ago. Itscadvisable to check patch notes always before updating, especially when you see bigger version numbers. The revisited version hasnt been updared in years I think.

    Im using https://esoui.com/downloads/info381-PersonalAssistantBankingJunkLootRepair.html
    Its well maintained and easy to setup and lightweight compared to the bank manager (which i used years before switching to PA). Missing some options though but i would still recommend it.
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