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Halp identify this addon pleaseeeeee

Soul Shriven
Whenever I look at an npc, mob or player, their names immediately appear on my chat box in yellow.
I am missing whispers and guild messages because of this taking up all the space.
Happens in Imperial City and not in overland.
Happened after an update.
  • Danikat
    I don't know which addon it is, but one option is to turn them off one by one and see if it stops - when it does you'll know what's causing it. If you've got a lot you could maybe start with the most likely candidates to see if that saves you some time.
    Edited by Danikat on October 5, 2021 3:12PM
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  • Enodoc
    That looks like some sort of logging add-on, potentially.

    Also a quicker way to work out which one it is rather than checking them one by one would be to bisect your add-on list; turn off half your add-ons, and if it's gone, it's in that half (if not, the other half). Then turn off half of the half it was in, and so on until you are able to isolate it.
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