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Request: Round and oval portraits and paintings.

We have plenty of square and rectangular artwork, and it is appreciated.

It would be great to have round and oval artwork/paintings, too. Including portraits of main ESO characters like the current rulers, Razzum, M’aiq, Darien, etc. A couple of homes are set up for some nice portrait walls. Some small tabletop/desktop paintings would be nice too.
  • TeruKisuke
    Agree with this suggestion 100%. It would be nice to have more portraits of people, specifically of women too as we don’t have one portraying a lady yet (besides a very tiny emblem on the front of an Alinor urn, but I think that hardly counts).

    And, the amount of “round” objects, especially when it comes to structural pieces, even in our furniture, is a bit lacking. I won’t derail too much but round arches of all sizes would be lovely so that we can have rooms with a curved aesthetic in mind. Like having a beautiful wooden arch for a wall around said rounded paintings.

    Another note but it would be great if we could have just the frames of these paintings too (so that there is a hole in the center) to build with and frame other objects, in both round and square shapes. That way they have flexibility in usage and could be used in things like framing open windows or even making our own custom paintings using objects (as I have seen players do before.)
  • ShinyBacon
    i like the idea a lot and support it.
    especially little family portrait style picture frames for desks.


  • TheImperfect
    Open to any unusual shapes
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