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New role Assasination and Caravans with Travelers

It would be nice to put up a new role to play

Assasination role / mode - when it is possible to kill in PVE wives, e.g. outside cities, the merchant center itself (city) would be in a safe zone. We could attack everyone in zones other than the city in every available role - Tank, Healer, DPS, Caravan, except Traveler, because it would give us a green leaf, "noob mode" - the ability to roam Tamriel without the possibility of engaging in skirmishes, but about this moment

Role / mode traveler - as above, on this setting we can move without being attacked by hostile factions (three different color shields above the player's head), or players in other roles. We are immune to attacks Tank, Healer, DPS, Assasination, Caravan

Caravan role / mode - a special role for mount caravan with visible bags. We move from town to town by the shortest route, but along the path (s)
The caravan starts in the city after taking the job from the bulletin board, after summoning the skyscraper. It continues on a heavy wandering. It ends when we reach the destination city and where we calmly return the quest, in return we get a large amount of gold, e.g. 1000g
  • hafgood
    I don't fully understand what you are saying but no. PvP is in Cyrodiil, bg's and IC and needs to stay there.

    I certainly don't want to be doing g caravan escort and 1000 gold is pocket change, I make 5 times that just crafting on one character.
  • colossalvoids
    Not sure I understand the concept well enough let alone implementation of that in this exact game. But I'd ask what's the point of this features, like why development team might go out of their way for this?

    Edit: nwm, just saw a thread about "class ideas" and I have zero questions anymore as you just want another game out of eso.
    Edited by colossalvoids on September 13, 2021 1:40PM
  • Mandragora
    I would take this as daily in Blackwood any time. But pvp option is a bit too harsh for me. And the roles I don't know if that would be possible to implement, but it could be cool. But I can see it as an option for more strategic isometric game focused on groups. On the other hand I wish 3d games would be more strategic aswell.
    Edited by Mandragora on September 18, 2021 6:16AM
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  • bednarskikamil

    We have three factions, each of them marked with a colored shield next to the name of the player.
    When the assasination mode is on, we get the opportunity to hunt each other, and regular players in tank and healer roles, dd however, they are not judged by the guardians as the role of the dungeon. As a result, in the assasination mode, you can kill the entire city without any guardians. Cities are defended by the role of tank, healer, dd - we also have a new additional role for noobs, the new player can choose to make them a traveler
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