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Suggestions for new character classes

I've been playing for half a year now and I've noticed that the game is geared towards a closed rotation of flying aroundin about healer. We have a good tank that lacks skills to reduce enemy.armor. There is a gap between classes. There is a gap between classes. To fill this out, I propose such a solution.

Cleric as a Tank role using skills for get better start/basic stats than other characters /Tank
- Buffer
- Debuffer
- Ressurecter


Barbarian, use taunts and abilities to immune and immobilize enemies /DD

Berserk, use taunts skills and mantras to get attack speed based skills, /DD

Druid for stand battle totemns on battle area, /Tank/Heal/DD

Shaman specialized in feel power from incarnate animals and use sigils, healing staff basic on HP % per use ability /Tank/Heal/ lesser DD than others

Warlock, use crowd ctronol area effects skills, curces and olcultism skills /DD
  • Aztrias
    Warrior, Berserker or Barbarian

    And a class change token, so my orc and nord can be proper warriors and not poison spitting "dragonknights" B)
    I love ESO but I find most of the classes are not that immersive if you want to play a regular warrior type character.
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  • GCypher87
    I'd like to see a Trickster class whos skillines are simply Alteration, Illusion, and Mysticism.
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  • Arbit
    Druid or shaman would be welcome additions for my argonian~ much better than warden because bear is basically required for that class and I hate the bear :s
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  • bednarskikamil
    Druid would be divided into the skill tree Ranger, Tresser, Hunter.

    Short description:

    Change into humanoid deadric beasts with increased predispositions. The possibility of assimilating animal characteristics. Strength for a bear, speed for a wolf, speed for a cat, and smartness for a fox. Normal appearance for an animal, without any thoughts that they are supposed to be mutated from another dimension.
    Our character turns into an animal for a short time, or for all the time. When using a skill, the resource does not disappear. On the contrary, we get bonuses. For example, a bear has 1000hp more than before being turned into a deity.

    A class designed for children. Possibility to develop a simple role play menu when in contact with an animal.
    Select an interaction from the drop-down menu. Combing the mane, taming, drinking, feeding, watching the needs.
    In return for progress, we get our ultimate, which, when charged, turns skills into murderous instincts. For example, "give eat" in "starve" = drains the opponent's health. If we previously took from activities with animals 100/100 in interaction, our attack will take the same percentage of life as progress, i.e. the entire

    Responsible class for preparing the battlefield for battle. Setting up traps in designated areas. Deal special damage such as physical, poisonous, fire, ice, electric, slow, sleep, and more.
    Possibility to use a corpse as a container to poison players or obtain a harvest point for the trap.
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  • bednarskikamil
    Shaman would be divided into the skill tree Tammer, Taunter, Charmer
    Short description:

    Totems standing on the floor. Each of them I give our character a booster from a different shelf. The increase of our magicka (mana), vitality points, stamina (agility) depends on whether we are standing in the circle of the totem's range. We have totems for additional resources, harvesting resources for hitting a monster, and passive regeneration of resources.


    Standards would work similarly, but shorter and with a smaller range, giving bonuses from a different shelf, such as penetration of magic and physical armor, or total physical attack + 5% or, for example, other Spell damage + 5%

    Banners and wards placed on the floor would act like streets, in a straight line. The cast spell would literally last a moment, a few seconds of the booster. Very strong boosts. For example + 100% movement speed for 3 seconds
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  • ixthUA
    Brown wizard class, excrementalist. Animal summoner with powerful enemy debuffs.
  • Mandragora
    Here is the thread with nice class ideas without bashing :)
    I will just copy my suggestion from general discussion: Monk with kicks and punches, some elemental /throwing chakram skills and it could come with close magic weapons like rune daggers and spectres (they do have animations, so it would be just different damage set) and throwing spears (like those used for argonian NPCs fishing).
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  • fakingfocused
    +1 for

    Barbarian, use taunts and abilities to immune and immobilize enemies /DD

    Berserk, use taunts skills and mantras to get attack speed based skills, /DD

  • BloodyLady
    Druid would be cool but only when i can change in animals besides using them
  • BloodyLady
    Arbit wrote: »
    Druid or shaman would be welcome additions for my argonian~ much better than warden because bear is basically required for that class and I hate the bear :s

    I love bears i hate monkeys when i see players with them i want to kill them (the monkeys)
  • bednarskikamil
    Berserk/Barbarian would be divided into the skill tree

    Short description:

    Rapscallion skills that focus on fighting enemies in hand-to-hand combat. bonuses include action on the battlefield without weapons - on the bare fists.
    Greater charisma and morale, shouting for more mobility and faster melee attacks, or against other players to scare him. Some kind of keyboard combo. For example
    attack defense attack defense - gives us the opportunity to press two keys to catch the opponent and throw him 2 meters
    Single target + comboses with armor penetration bonuses and each attack charges us with the ultimate for the prestige of playing this character.

    Cutthroat All skills based on the collection of health points. Our life depends on how we accept attacks on ourselves. A born tank with no choice. Because if not attacked, it loses resources. For this, while he gets drummed, he receives a regeneration bonus, points for hits, and a drain for blocks. Works as a prevention. Several types of liabilities responsible for this course of conducting this class. This is a new opportunity for vampire players.
    Preferably one single target attack and the rest AoE. Graphically a figure dressed in blood, composed even in that blood

    Evildoer silent, cunning rogue-killer. Bonuses for immobilization and poisoning. Break out poison potions with skill. For keeping such a potion in the inventory, we get the passive "expert on dealing damage"
    They run bent like a vampire, this allows for tactical play. Ability to avoid traps and innate resistance to stunts.
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