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Houseguests as traditional furnishings

Soul Shriven
Hi everyone!

First of all, sorry if this was posted before. I was reading back some previous discussions, but I haven't seen any suggestion about this.
As you can see from the title, my suggestion is to move the houseguests to a different category. This function was a great addition for the housing system, but having them as special collectibles limits the use of them on bigger places. I admit this idea is a result of a long decorating session, and while pets, mounts and assistants counts toward the special collectibles as well, this make many of the houseguests gathering dust in the inventory.

This of course is just my opinion, but I'm curious if I'm alone on this subject or not.
  • TeruKisuke
    The only problem is that certain furnishings are separated based on performance. That is why we have a Special Furnishings category. Houseguests have so many functions. Imagine having 50 of them. They will probably crash your house.

    I would agree with making a separate category for them away from mounts and pets, but Traditional is a bit much. Traditionals are labeled that for a reason, and yet 700 candles would still crash a house.

    I'd suggest reading up on the Furnishing Limit thread at the top.
  • Amottica
    And that makes sense since a house guest can do so much more than most furnishings.
  • Cireous
    Just let us have a few more please :'(
  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    I suggested elsewhere to solve this, give us "static" house-guests. No pathing or chatter, guards that stand at doors, barkeep wiping the bar, priest reading at the alter, blacksmith hammering away, etc. I think pathing ads a nice feel and i sometimes talk to them, but really most i see are placed more as furniture than anything else, even if its just a toggle option or something.

    A hammering blacksmith uses more than a swaying tree or flickering brazier or a swirling nimbus of ethereal light?
  • Araneae6537
    Perhaps we could choose between different configurations of furnishing limits? Like fewer guests in exchange for more special furnishings (houseguests) and vice versa?

    Someone using a home for guild events might wish to maximize houseguests and have few to no special furnishings while someone setting up a scene might not have any need to be open to more than one guests at a time.
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