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Honest Question

How do you play in the lag?
I can't even 1v1 away from any keep/battle without skills taking at least 2 seconds to fire during prime time. I feel like the only way to play is AOE the zerg and spam heals. There's always a big fight happening, so getting AP is no problem, I got 100k in about an hour of playing. It just wasn't fun, and there was no skill involved. Spam Aoe, spam heals, spam aoe, spam heals. Dark convergence isn't bad to play against in BGs or even during low population times, but I feel like Dark Convergence is all you CAN do.

I dont know, please, am I missing something? How do you all deal with this? I've done all vet trials, and vss and non-DLC hardmodes, so PvE was getting a little stale. I really like PvE, but AoE Zerg vs AoE Zerg is not very fun...
  • Amottica
    The guild I run with will help at major keep battles but we often hit other targets tactically which takes the pressure off keeps the alliance is trying to take or defend. As such I rarely see lag. I do not think it affects the entire campaign.
  • geonsocal
    lots of heals over time and making sure to keep up any armor buffs you're using...even before it's truly needed you need to be using your potions...

    you have to really anticipate a lot...
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  • Artim_X
    I play under the assumption that my skills require multiple presses to work.

    However, when it gets too crazy I just go to a lower population camp, which can sometimes be dead.
    (AD) Artim X |PC/NA| Casual staff wielding vampire sorcerer.
    Damage Dealing Build.

    Gear: 5 Infallible Aether (All apparel light and Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 1 Slimecraw Guise for max spell critical (Divines, light, Max Mag Enchants), Maelstrom's Perfected Inferno/Lightning Staff (infused/shock enchant), and Kinras's jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/lightning staff (infused/flame/weapon damage enchant). 1 Mora's Whispers.
    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge, Boundless Storm, Mages' Wrath, Lightning Flood, Twilight Tormentor (Twilight Matriarch for solo roleplay variant of build), and Power Overload.
    Ability-Bar 2: Crushing Shock/Storm Pulsar, Streak, Flame/Shock Reach, Unstable Wall of Fire/Storms, Twilight Tormentor (Twilight Matriarch for solo roleplay variant of build) and Fiery/Thunderous Rage.

    My Healer Build.

    Gear: 5 Spell Power Cure (All apparel light and Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 1 Slimecraw Guise for max spell critical (Divines, light, Max Mag Enchants), Maelstrom's Perfected Lightning Staff (Charged/shock enchant), and Infallible Aether jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/restoration staff (Powered with absorb magicka enchant). 1 Mora's Whispers.
    Ability-Bar 1: Power Surge, Boundless Storm, Blessing of Restoration, Energy Orb, Twilight Matriarch, and Replenishing Barrier.
    Ability-Bar 2: Dark Deal, Overflowing Altar, Elemental Drain, Blockade of Storms, Twilight Matriarch, and Aggressive Horn.

    My Meme Tank Build that uses high resistance and variety of wards.

    Gear: 5 Brands of Imperium (All body pieces Divines with Prismatic Defense Enchants. Hat or shoulder and body pieces except legs), 1 Slimecraw for max spell critical (Divines, light, Max Mag Enchants), full Mother Ciannait's (1 light and 1 medium), and Combat Physician jewelry (arcane with Prismatic Recovery Enchants), CP restoration staff (Infused with hardening enchant), and CP ice staff (Infused with crusher enchant).

    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge, Bound Aegis, Deep Thoughts, Boundless Storm, Healing Ward, and Replenishing Barrier.
    Ability-Bar 2: Silver Leash (Elemental Drain if healer isn't running it), Bound Aegis, Frost Clench, Blockade of Frost, Empowered Ward, and Temporal Guard.

    Tanky stage 4 vampire utility focused PvP healer that can take down very inexperienced players but is primarily focused on working alongside others in an organized group, PUGs, or zergs.

    Gear: 5 Torug's Pact for regular and NoCP build/Oblivion's Foe for dot build (medium chest and body pieces light. All Impenetrable. Max Mag Enchants). Gaze of Sithis and 1 light Mighty Chudan/Pirate Skeleton (light shoulders, and impenetrable with Max Mag Enchants). Knight Slayer/Pariah jewelry/Plaguebreak for dot build (arcane with spell damage enchant)/lightning staff (infused with oblivion enchant for regular and noCP build/absorb magicka enchant and Sharpened for dot build. Sharpened for dot build)/restoration staff (infused with oblivion enchant regular and noCP build/absorb magicka enchant and Sharpened for dot build).
    Ability-Bar 1: Structured Entropy, Boundless Storm, Soul Splitting Trap, Radiating Regeneration, Healing Ward, and Life Giver.
    Ability-Bar 2: Drain Vigor, Elusive Mist, Rune Cage, Radiant Magelight, Empowered Ward, and Soul Assault.

    PvE Starter Gear
    Gear: 5 Law of Julianos (heavy chest, gloves/belt light, and the rest can be light or 1 medium piece if you're not wearing medium anywhere else on your body. All in training if grinding for XP or divines), Armor of the Seducer or Magnus' Gift head, shoulder, and staves (light with 1 medium piece if you are not already wearing 1 medium Julianos piece. All in training or divines. The staves should be training or infused), and 3 purple Willpower Jewelry with Arcane trait (can be bought from trading guilds for relatively cheap. Check for the best deals if you're not using a price checking addon).

    High elf, since you will not have issues with sustain, but other mag based races are also fine so this is more of a personal choice.

    Mundus Stones
    PvP: The Lover for penetration.
    PvE Healing/Damage: The Thief for decent crit rate.
    PvE Tanking: The Lady to get close to resistance cap.

    Current Champion Points
    Favorite Foods and Potions
    Parse Food for PvE:
    (DPS) Ghastly Eye Bowl (increases Max Magicka by 4592 and Magicka Recovery by 459 for 2 hours).

    Gold/Purple Food for PvP and Meme Tanking:
    (PvP) Clockwork Citrus Filet (increases Max Health by 3326, Health Recovery by 406 [useful if stage 1 vampire], Max Magicka by 3080, and Magicka Recovery by 338 for 2 hours). Witchmother's Potent Brew (Increase Max Magicka by 2856, Max Health by 3094, and Magicka Recovery by 315 for 2 hours.

    Trash Potions when feeling cheap:
    Regular CP150 Essence of Magicka pots that I obtain frequently from playing the game or Crown Tri-Restoration Potion obtained from dailies.

    Crafted Potions:
    Essence of Spell Critical (Bugloss, Lady's Smock, and Water Hyacinth). Without magelight this is my primary means of obtaining Major Prophecy, which increases my Spell Critical Rating. This also heals and restores magicka. Essence of Immovability (Columbine, Corn Flower, and Wormwood). I use this in PvP, since this gives me stealth detection, knockback immunity, and restores magicka (better to use it when competent allies are nearby, since it might reveal that you are surrounded by multiple players in stealth and you will not have an emergency pot available after use). Essence of Invisibility with only 2 ingredients (Blue Entoloma, Namira's Rot, Nirnroot, or Spider Egg). I use this in PvE content that requires stealth and if I need more speed I'll use Rapid Maneuver before using the potion. Essence of Invisibility with 3 ingredients (Blessed Thistle, Blue Entoloma, and Namira's Rot). Very useful in PvP alongside the vampire Dark Stalker passive, since you'll be invisible, ignore movement speed penalty while in Crouch, and you'll have a 30% movement speed boost from Major Expedition (I always have this slotted when riding from point A to B in PvP land, since gankers are always lurking).
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