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ESO Addon Framework

I have created a framework for addon development. The idea is to leverage the development capabilities of Visual Studio Code with ESO addons.
The whole framework is C# inspired, so if you like that language and don't speak Lua then the threshold to get your "hello world" up and running will be much lower!

In the the download from GitHub, besides the framework there are two addons:
  • AddonExample - simple addon that you should clone and use as a base for your own addons
  • GameplayHelper - my own addon that you can use as example of what is possible (if you intend to use it, be sure to go through all settings as it will sell/deconstruct items automatically!)

ESO Addon Framework
  • M0R_Gaming
    Ooh, it looks amazing! You may want to also post this in the esoui forums and maybe the esoui gitter, where a lot of other addon devs are a bit more active.
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  • TheElvenShadow
    Thanks for the tip, I will do that!
  • Baertram
    Is this Framework providing some auto-completion for ESOUI source code within visual studio?
    I'm asing as I'm maintaining a list of given solutions for ESO delvelopers at and would add your framework there then.
  • TheElvenShadow
    Baertram wrote: »
    Is this Framework providing some auto-completion for ESOUI source code within visual studio?


    Developers have two paths to choose, either use a limited part of the framework that provides
    • Auto-completion
    • EsoUI source code (where you have auto-completion, can see arguments, types, search etc.)
    • EsoUI extensions, eg. types are grouped and events come with template method skeletons

    The other path is to use the above, but also
    • Ignore the manifest (it's auto-generated)
    • Use messenger for communication
    • Use a de-coupled development approach, ie. you can just drop in a new .lua file and it will add features
    • Use some C#-like functions for arrays and maps
  • Baertram
    Thanks, updating the topic then:
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