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End Game content

It seems to me all boils down to Crow's Wood public dungeon. Sadly unlike in other MMOs i can't really /who people to see where they are but i noticed a LOT of VR10 in this dungeon.

Now for those who don't know this is a public dungeon in Stonefalls, VR1 for the dominion and i guess other factions have an equivalent. It has wolves with really low health and damage (equal to a level 40 mob) and being so weak the devs decided they should run in packs but each individual has the same loot as any other dungeon mob, that generally is 3 times as strong.

The scene in this dungeon is pretty easy to picture, think about the pack of bots you're used to seeing farming the boss in lower level public dungeons and have it made up by VR10 and lower that move around from cave to cave spamming impulse.

Some may very well be bots but this isn't the point, i'm not asking for action to be taken against individuals or even have GMs check out their activity. This is a problem of DESIGN.
You may say "but if someone wants to mindlessly farm mobs you can't stop him/her" ..yes you're right but don't you think it's a bit odd that a lot of people farm this very spot? And i'm not even comparing to other dungeons, even in this very dungeon don't you find it odd that nobody touches the wisps but everybody clumps up on the wolves?

I think devs should review these kind of dungeons mobs.
Edited by Filodendron on April 28, 2014 3:47PM
  • Wifeaggro13
    Its because the crows wood mobs are paying huge VR expierence. the VR10 you see are actually Power lvling the lower VR ranks. its possible these are the service sellers we are seeing from emails . you know the ones with the bad english and reads like a bad script form a kung fu movie in the early 70's. but there are several end game activites to lvl your VR . it not so much about the loot its about the Vr exp .
  • Filodendron
    Could be but like i mentioned a part of the farmers are already VR10, don't see what XP they would need.
    And even if this is about xp it changes nothing for the design issue i presented, so they are basically level 40 mobs in VR dungeon that awards VR level xp, still not a good idea.
    Edited by Filodendron on April 28, 2014 4:11PM
  • Divayith
    I think a lot of poeple farm it for the leather scraps and loot, it has a pretty good Gold/Hour ratio. There is a youtube video talking like 20k-30k an hour. Sadly if you roll EP, Crows Wood is about worthless, and the starter public dungeons for AD and DC are no where near as simple to farm as Crow's Wood nor do they net nearly as much Gold/Hour in Veteran Ranks. I'm EP and the fastest easiest farm for me is still the Coldharbour public dungeon.
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