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Looking for Guild!

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone i'm looking to join a guild in ESO.. I'll try to make it as short and sweet as possible.

Play times: Varies a bit due to work schedules changing
History: Played A LOT of Asheron's Call, from there played just about any game there is but haven't latched on to an MMO until ESO.
Looking for/Style: I wanted to find a sort of jack of all trades guild. I do enjoy questing, dungeons and farming along with some PvP. So a balance with all of those would be fantastic. *A Guild trader is something i'm really looking for*
Characters: Currently have a level 50 Necro, 50 Sorc, and 30 Warden. Plan on making a few more soon, i'm at Champion 250ish
ESO experience: While i've played off and on, this has been my most active playing experience so I thought it would be time to look for a guild.
Me: I'm a Programming/IT guy, 30 years old from Ohio just looking to game :)

Thank you, any questions feel free to ask!
  • PeachVsEggplant
    Come join Divine Society! I posted an ad here on Reddit with more information and a link to the Discord!
  • alex.schwabb14_ESO
    Hey Kalazar88,

    I run a small tight nit friendly social guild if your interested and want to chat my discord is Wyvernflame#3188
  • Mistindantacles
    Hello, Kalazar88!

    Sounds like your looking to enjoy a lot of different activities when in-game with a group of like-minded gamers that are flexible. I believe Guild Medieval might be a good for you. Our commitment to a drama free, family-oriented, people-focused gaming environment naturally lends itself to supporting folks who have Real Life responsibilities and activities, just like you.

    If you think that might work for you, check us out here.
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