The Firesong DLC and Update 36 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! You can read the latest patch notes here:


Just some observations. It seems that effects "stop" working when you travel or change zone. I think it might be related to the multi-threading. None of these happen when not using multi-threading.
1.) Group member logs off, but doesn't show off line.
2.) Kilt visual effects sometimes work with stacks, and other times do not show. The effect always works, just not the visuals.
other things like these.
  • kilroy5250
    Also, when grouped with another person in Craglorn, in delves, we would lock up at exactly the same time. No internet disruptions.
  • tplink3r1
    It doesn't stop working for me when i switch zones.
    VR16 Templar
    VR3 Sorcerer
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