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Guild of Adventure is looking for new members! (PC EU)

Soul Shriven
Who are we?
We're a social and active community with representation in ESO, GW2 and others. ESO part of the guild is mainly focused on teaching, learning and completing all the existing trials step by step. We accept every player who reached 160 cp. But don’t think that’s it!

What kind of activities do we offer?

Normal trials. As long as you are CP160+ you can start your first trial journey with us. No special requirements and experience needed here. Find your new team mates in our guild!

Veteran trials. When you are ready to go further, you can join our veteran training and experienced runs. However, for this part of our trial life we have designed some requirements. Of course, we’re casual trial guild, but it is made to give us a fighting chance at winning. Our goal is to teach, not to carry.

Progression. Players with solid experience can take part in our progression team, which is aimed to get harder trial achievements. Though the group is full now, good reserves are always welcomed!

Social events. Occasionally, we have some social events happening apart of raids. That’s Cyrodiil runs, zone explorations, dungeons, arenas competitions, and many more! We have also discord raffle happening every week, and of course screenshot etc. contests.

Community-wide events. Our discord community is big and friendly. We often gather around for CAH, Scribble.io and other games playing evenings, or movie nights.

Event leaders. Every member can lead their own raids and events on their own or co-leading with any officer.

Our guild has people of various experience and skills, countries and beliefs. As such, we don’t like the verbal abuse of any players - especially those new and inexperienced. We try to be patient, offer constructive criticism and help.

Every player should feel accepted and included.

Join us: https://discord.gg/8FBJwPS
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