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Suggestion: Competitive Deathmatch

It would be great if ESO has a serious DM. Currently, death is rather meaningless as one can revive and get back into the fight which seems to be a deathmatch lite. A better design would be offering multiple rounds and the team who survives a round wins that round. At the end of each round, everyone who died is revived for the next round and their potion cooldown would be reset.
A mechanic to handle someone waiting in stealth would be required. It should be permitted but not so they wait until the very end.

Once a team wins two rounds they win the match. With 4v4v4 it may require winning more than two rounds.

Considering there are some interested in a more competitive deathmatch I think this is the way to go. Make death in a deathmatch more meaningful.
  • SkaraMinoc
    You'd need to prevent tank/healer stalemate and max runspeed trolls.

    Some ideas:
    • Add a battle royale death cloud that shrinks the playable arena over time.
    • Add damage to every player, similar to chaosball, once the game reaches a certain time remaining.
    RIP Deathmatch Queue, September 2021 - March 2022, You Will Be Remembered
  • ImSoPro
    Hmmm, sounds good I’m interested but only if it would be limited to group queue only. Ain’t no way I would wanna do this in solo queue where one game you get a competent team and the other game you have three complete potatoes going 0-6 and 0-7 and 2-7 while your 16-6, meanwhile on the winning team you have 18-4, 13-6, 11-10, and 7-9. Those are literally exact scores from a game I had earlier. I was on the winning but I felt bad for the stamplar because that’s me too often. Two of the guys didn’t even crack 100k damage. My BG guild died when they removed group queue originally so I’ve been mainly soloing since then.
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