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I have a complaint about mistreatment by other streaming guilds online eso since #tamrieltogether

I created a nice interesting video for #tamrieltogether just for fun. After that I was stalked and attacked online by ESO streamers whom where envious of my entry and was nearly banned and heard so many other players did get banned for creating together video's of their guilds. I have never been treated that way and now I feel more threatened when ESO started catering solo event to online streamers who aimed hate crimes at people online. I did not know the streaming community was so hateful and abusive to threaten peoples rights to play this game by in game stalking and harassment. Is ESO going to actually validate streamers who abuse the players in this game?
  • Vonkarolinas
    What do you mean nearly got banned? From ESO? Banned from the streamers channels? If you mean from ESO, how is that possible? Streamers don't have that kind of influence.
  • redspecter23
    There is a lot of vagueness in this thread. Link the video so the forums can see? Positive ESO content should always be welcomed.

    If you were treated poorly by multiple people, it could be them, but there are two sides and we're only hearing one side here (and very few details). If you have a legitimate issue, contact ZOS directly. If you're looking for forum support, you'll need to provide more details about your issue as it's very hard to draw any conclusions based on what has been said so far.
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