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Official Discussion Thread for "Watch DansGaming Explore Dragonhold for The World Plays ESO"

This is the official discussion thread for "Watch DansGaming Explore Dragonhold for The World Plays ESO"

Join Twitch veteran and variety streamer DansGaming as he battles Dragons and cultists over three days as part of The World Plays ESO!
Staff Post
  • tomofhyrule
    I can't help but notice that once again, Short Mussed Wave is used in a promo art.

    The character on the right isn't Bastian - he's only got a 1H sword, his hair's the wrong color, and his beard's the wrong style. But once again, we get to see ESO promote this unavailable hairstyle.

    Please, for the love of all the divines, release this style already. It's already in game, it's been tested on PTS, it's got an item ID, all it needs is to be made available. We see this style on so many promo images and now it literally follows us around in game. We get to see it on so many NPCs every DLC release, from important characters to random merchants and filler NPCs. There's also no style that's even similar to it to use as an alternative.

    People have been begging for this style since it was first seen over five years ago, and hairstyles are one of the top requests for releases in the store. Please, please, please release it finally.
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