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Rending Slashes and Way of the Fire 2 second ticks.

I believe rending slashes ticks every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Way of fire has a 2 second cooldown. So why does way of fire not proc 5 times? There must be some lag or something going on. Please consider reducing cooldown to something like 1.9 seconds so that it properly ticks during each rending slash tick (or any other weapon skill that ticks every 2 seconds).

  • jjjozo
    "When you deal damage with a weapon, you deal an additional *** Flame Damage. This effect can occur once every 2 seconds and scales off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage."

    I believe it procs on light/heavy attacks and on any weapon ability used.
    I would say that it doesn't proc on DoT's.
  • SpiNfuZer
    Rending Slashes and Quick Cloak are weapon abilities. It does proc on weapon ability DoT's.

    Below are screen shots of one Rending Slashes and one Quick Cloak:



    After several tests, sometimes you can get anywhere from 4 to 6 procs on a dummy using Rending Slashes. You get 1 if you get one on the initial slashes and then 1 for each 2 seconds during the next 10 seconds. This behavior should be more consistent and it should always be 6. Who knows how many procs get missed in lag.

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