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PS5: Split second loading screens while playing

When playing the enhanced version on PS5, the game has split second loading screens in the middle of playing.
This has never happened on PS4, nor in the PS4 version on PS5.

It can happen when just running through an overland zone, or at certain points in dungeons, for example at the beginning of Spindleclutch 1.
What happens is that a loading screen will flash on screen and disappear again almost immediately.

And this happens to multiple players at the same point in the game. As I play mostly coop with my wife, we both encounter the exact same loading screen flash at the same point in a dungeon or overland zone. The weird part is that it doesn't always happen though, sometimes it's just one of us.

It is definitely something new in the enhanced PS5 version, as we've played quite a bit, but have never seen this behavior before.
Next time it happens, I can create a video of it.
But to be honest, this should be fairly easy to debug. Just check what can trigger a loading screen in the middle of a dungeon (as they normally ONLY show when loading a zone).

This normally happens only 1 time, and mostly at the beginning of a dungeon, I don't recall it ever happening more then once in the same dungeon.
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  • katanagirl1
    I’m not sure what you encountering is new.

    I have random loading screens on PS4 occasionally, sometimes when just wandering through a zone farming mats. For me they last a few seconds but if you are getting the same thing on PS5 they will only be a split second long.
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