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New player, help me with classes and races before I start my ESO journey! :)

Soul Shriven
Hey guys!

I am a new player. I got the game some time ago but never actually started to play it.

I am planning on starting this "adventure", and I tried to read after what class and what race should I start, but... there are all kinds of information out there, many of which are outdated I think.

So I always liked close combat characters in MMOs (so not ranged characters.).
And I am planning on doing SOLO playing first (while leveling up, etc), later I would like to do some dungeons, but remaining a casual player.

So, from the races, I really like Imperial and Dark Elf look-wise. I know the Imperial is a separate purchase, but still.

So, in the past, people said that the Imparial is the best tank, and if you play it, it has to be a tank. Because it just good at that.
But later on, I read something about, there was a "race nerf" thing, and race actually doesn't matter now at all...
So I do not know what is the truth in 2021 with races and classes.

All I know, is that I would like to get a race-class combo, which is good at DPS (and self-heal obviously). - I do not know how important is self heal now with COMPANION SYSTEM??

And I would favor a class, which is a close-combat character. So I like, when my character deals damage with weapons, or some close-combat spells / heals itself.
But I am not a fan of bows for example or ranged spell casting.

So in World of Warcraft back in the day, I liked Paladin for example, which was a close-combat melee guy, with some spell casting/healing.
But I also liked Rogue, Warrior, DK, etc..

Now, from the 6 classes, I like the "idea" of a Necromancer, because it is just cool. Raising the dead and everything, but that sounds like a ranged spell caster class (is it?).

So anyway, since I have no clue about anything, I just want to get your help on what You guys think I should start playing with as my first main character.
Imperial/Dark Elf, and with which class or classes.

I wrote down what I would like to play and how, but I do not know which would be a good combo and a good class overall for that "job".

Thanks for everyone in advance, who takes the time to read this post and write an opinion/suggestion.
There are no WRONG opinions! I am excited to see what you guys would recommend based on my writing. :)

Have a nice day everyone!
  • Jaimeh
    Since you are just starting out, choose whichever race you like the best, and then pick a class, try it and see how you like it. It's difficult to make a decision on paper because you have to try how the skills feel, whether you like the playstyle etc. A lot of specs can be played in melee range since you enjoy close combat. Racial passives do matter, but besides end-game pve, and pvp, you can get away with most race/class combos, so don't worry about that just yet, and choose a race that you enjoy visually or you like the lore of etc., and then pick a class to go with it, and give it a go. Good news is you can always make new characters, so nothing is set on stone if you aren't happy with your first character.
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  • Hotdog_23
    Welcome to the ESO family.

    Agree with WrathOfInnos. Its good advice given.

    Played the game ever since it came out on console so several years. I would recommend Darkelf race magic based templar for close combat as you mentioned you wanted close combat. Take Puncturing Strikes and take the morph to Puncturing Sweep because it is a great spammable that also heals you as you use it which will make the content easier for you starting out. Stamina templar can do more damage in the long run but it’s morph of Puncturing Strikes to biting jabs does not heal you as you use it.

    Nothing is written in stone in ESO and everything you choose can be changed except your class. That can never be changed. On the bright side you get 8- or 9-character slots at the beginning which can be expanded up to currently 18. That is outside of deleting a character and starting over. So that’s not really that big of a deal either. Personally I have 18 characters and at least one stamina/magic based of each race.

    Take your time and enjoy ESO. It is a big game with lots to do and plenty different aspects that can keep you busy and happy for hours on end.

    Stay safe and enjoy the journey 😊
  • ixthUA
    Warden has a lot of class heals and is a popular stamina class.
    When choosing race you need to decide if you want to be a tank, magicka dd/healer or stamina dd. The way damage and mitigation works, you need to specialize to be good.
    PC EU: Senilia Bright - Healing Bard. I live in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Some great tips/advice here everyone, thanks for sharing and helping out! :smiley:
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  • SantieClaws
    Khajiit always.

    We are just sunshine with fur!

    This one does not really understand the other things but for your first journey into Tamriel you cannot go too wrong with a nightblade. Simply find some daggers and stick them in things.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws

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  • Skullstachio
    Best you can do is be true to yourself, play at your own pace, choose your race however you wish based on your particular play style.
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  • Noxter
    Soul Shriven
    I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took their time to write a reply and help me with my choice. :)

    From what I have seen here, and in other forum topics as well, all I can say is that I like the community, everyone seems friendly and helpful, and I can't wait to be a part of this for years to come!

    Have a nice day everyone, and stay safe in these 'tougher' times IRL. :)

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