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PS5 NA - Assassin's Way Guild Recruitment

I created a PS5 NA Guild today, called Assassin's Way, we play in the EARLY AM 4 days a week(0600 - 1000) CST, as a rough time frame. I also play randomly on my days off, sometimes multiple log in/outs depending on Real Life

Guild is:

In Game Voice Chat Only
Aldemeri Dominion( All Are Accepted Though)
PvE Content( Normal Dungeons)
No Fee Guild(Donations Welcome)
Don't Mind Being On A Live Stream?? Guild Leader streams on YouTube...

We play for FUN. Not to be Numero Uno...
Will NEVER have a Guild Trader, that's why you can have 5 Guilds. Use an Established Guild for this game feature...
We are here just to play, socialize, and clear content WHEN we have the time. I know Real Life Intrudes On Many Players, Myself Included. This is a HOBBY, not a J-O-B....Treat is as such!

Everyone is Welcome to Join. The more we have, the easier it will be to group up...

Simple Rules:

Toxic Behavior Is Not Allowed
Offensive Language Must Be Limited (Live Streaming)
Accepting Of Everyone
Help When You Can
Enjoy Yourself While Playing
DO NOT discuss Political, Sexual, Racial Views....Leave that ____ at the door, Just Relax & Play the Game!

If you're looking for a guild for your Alts, & only want to "CHILL" while playing, leaving all that "BIG GUILD" drama behind you, Then come Apply Here, or Apply In Game: Assassin's Way

Under PvE/Social settings....

Leave Your PSN Below

Ken_Koerperich, Assassin's Way Guild Leader

Edited by Ken_Koerperich on August 22, 2021 8:38PM
  • Ken_Koerperich
    We are still looking for Applicants.

    We still play every morning.

    Come and join Assassin's Way

    Edited by Ken_Koerperich on August 22, 2021 8:39PM
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