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[PC][NA] Gryphon Feathers LF People for Trials

Soul Shriven
Gryphon Feathers- PC NA

Are you looking for a casual, relaxing guild to do dungeons and trials with? Or maybe you live in Pacific Standard Time and can't quite make it to trials that are in EST or AEST? We have the guild just for you!

Gryphon Feathers is a small, west coast PVE guild looking for more people who are interested in running dungeons and trial content. We mostly run trials but we also do dungeons for pledges/achievements/etc. At the moment we have normal trials on Sunday focused for those who are new to trials/want to farm gear and veteran trials on Friday to progress some of the more difficult vet dlc trials. Currently our guild is progressing through Veteran Rockgrove and can use some more folks who are interested. We have no requirements for joining normal trials and low requirements for vet trials so that more people have an opportunity to come do harder content.

New, returning and veteran players are all welcome to join. :) Our guild has a very casual and easygoing setting so don't worry if you're new to something! We also have plenty of officers and members who are happy to help with gear runs, builds/parses, ways to improve your gameplay, and more! If we can get more members going, we may be able to open up more slots for trials.

Other information: We have a guild hall with the 21 mill dummy to practice parsing on (aetherial well included), all mundus stones, all different types of crafting stations (transmute, clothing, jewelry etc,) as well as other services such as banker, merchant, and thief merchant. Our current trial clears so far are: vHRC, vAA HM, vSO HM, vCR+0 and vAS+0.

Interested? Feel free to contact me in game @xMiracles. Or come check out our discord: You can also find us in the guild finder, Gryphon Feathers.
  • xMiracles
    Soul Shriven
    Gryphon Feathers is still recruiting! We have now finished vRG as well as vKA, our next stop is vHOF! Spots for it have been filled but don't be discouraged, there has been many times where people have had to back out so feel free to sign up as backup if interested. ^^ Our spots for all trials are not built around a core team at the moment, they are all open rosters so they are filled in a first come first serve basis. As always we also have our Sunday trials for those who are new and perhaps want to farm trial gear in a more casual setting.

    Please leave a reply here if interested! Or reach out to us using our contact information above. :)

    Edit: Added that our trials are open rosters.
    Edited by xMiracles on July 14, 2021 10:06PM
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