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Armor is for Noobs! is recruiting

Do you think armor is a totally unnecessary idiosyncrasy of Tamriel's society, and you'd rather go without so you can display your tattoos, body customizations, and skins to the world?

Do you agree Nords need nothing but a tankard full of mead, a horned helmet, and a loincloth to tank the meanest monsters this side of the Abecean Sea?

Are you looking for a casual trials guild who likes having fun while completing content?

If you answered YES! to at least one of those questions, preferably the last one, then you might be interested in checking us out. "Armor is for Noobs" is a trials-focused guild (PC-EU) consisting of varied players with varied backgrounds and varied tastes in armor (or lack thereof). We are currently looking for one magicka DK (being able to bring Z'en's Redress to the group is a definite plus), and one magicka Necro to reinforce our roster.

But what pray tell have you guys managed to complete while running around buck-naked?, you might be asking at this point. I'll tell you. Nothing! But we have completed plenty of content while wearing full gear, of course:
  • Checking as many achievements as possible from as many trials as we can.
  • All trial Hard Modes, base game and DLC, excluding RG.
  • Currently progressing through Tick-Tock Tormentor.

We generally run trials two times per week, Fridays at 18:00 GMT/20:00 CEST, and Saturdays at 13:00 GMT/15:00 CEST.

So if you're confident enough around veteran content, want to work towards completing some trials, and this ad has piqued your curiosity, feel free to drop either @Shawn_PT or @rubenbest a message in-game so we can get ready to rumble.
Edited by Shawn_PT on July 13, 2021 5:16PM
  • Shawn_PT
    It's been (almost) a full year and we are still going strong!

    Now recruiting, drop us a message if interested and we can provide more details.
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