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Attunable Crafting Stations

Not sure if the powers that be peruse these forums, but unsure where to post a suggestion... it has to do with attunable crafting stations. Each major update, our GM gets stressed because of the new crafted sets... not only because she has to take time moving around tables to put the new ones in (which is a bear of a process), but it is the fact that she has to remove things from the house to make them fit... so her creative touches have to be gutted at least twice a year.

Why not have 'mulit-craft' attunable tables? Male them similar in cost to 4 tables, but it'll save so much space and allow my GM to get creative again!

Ideally you should be able to 'sell' the old tables for at least half the voucher value back to the NPC, but even just offering them both (multi and traditional) would help a lot.


  • phaneub17_ESO
    Are you doing the floatable tables trick? Objects are interactable as long as they're on positioned properly on a flat surface, just that flat surface does not have to be firmly planted on the ground. You can create artificial surfaces using tables or large block types hovering in the air or on bodies of water then place the crafting stations on top.
  • redspecter23
    I agree that something needs to be done about craft table bloat sooner rather than later. I'd love a single station that just has a dropdown menu for all the sets. Even clean up the UI to look more like the transmute station. The unfortunate part is that it would completely obsolete the current stations, but speaking as someone who already bought them all, I would accept this tradeoff.

    Perhaps you could "feed" the current stations into the new one to power it up so the old stations aren't useless and the new one doesn't have to cost 50,000 vouchers due to it being 200 stations in one.
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  • EirgarthEldjarns
    Oh, we have the space, but have to move everything around each time (we keep them in alphabetical order), and using non-traditional surfaces still wouldn't help with the fact there is a limit on what you can place in a home.

    I think having a transmute type table would be a bigger pain, that is why I mentioned one table acting as 4... I have seen the suggestion of a master table for all sets, I don't see that as viable. That is why I was suggesting something a bit different.. also, having new players see the crafting area for the first time is usually a hoot, and wouldn't want to lose that entirely!

  • Nestor
    I think they should keep the cost the same, Crowns or Vouchers, but have a Master Station we can add each set to.

    Or, a Station for each Zone/DLC. Again, we have to add each Set to the Station.

    Or, if they want to continue this madness, give us an instanced Room in certain "Guild Hall" sized homes just for crafting tables. Disable Dueling and Furniture Items that contribute to resource load and eliminate the Item Cap in this room as it relates to stations. Set the item cap to non station items to like 20 or 30. Heck, they could put this room behind a door in any sized room.
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  • tmbrinks
    Maybe add a gold purchasable master table (or one for a smaller number of vouchers, say like 50 or so) that we can either...

    add the 4 types of other attunable stations to (Jewelry, Woodworking, BS, Cloth) and create a single table for each set


    add any number of set attunable stations to (Julianos, Morkuldin, Adept Rider, etc..) and create a single table for each type of station

    In option 1, each full set of new stations would cost 1050 vouchers (instead of 1000) for the convenience of having only 1 table (and furnishing slot) instead of 4.

    Option 2 could be a little more expensive, since you'd only need to buy 4 of them. But since you're still paying the base cost of 250 vouchers for each station, having them be "cheap" would be preferable.

    Option 1 would reduce us down to ~60-70 stations in the house for stations.

    Option 2 would reduce us down to 4 stations.

    Option 1 might still be easier to navigate (no super long drop-down menu to scroll through to find your set) Option 2 would require some more UI work to find all stations, and we all know ZoS' UI choices need some work (look at the style mats when you're crafting, it's hideous to navigate)

    I personally would prefer option 1 myself, I like the aesthetic of having a good number of tables as it makes it seem "more full" as a crafting house, but would agree that we are getting to the point of ridiculousness with the number of stations that are needed.

    Also, it's time to move my stations around to accommodate for the new stations in my house :joy:
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  • AcadianPaladin
    Yep, one master station per craft, then purchase tokens or something that can be used to attune the appropriate table for new sets. When you craft something for, say, blacksmithing, you have a drop down menu to find any set you have attuned the table for. With just a bit of creative ingenuity, the goal of one master attunable table per craft can't be that hard. The current system has been way outgrown by adding jewelry and routinely adding 12 new tables.
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  • miscreant7
    I was thinking they could be grouped by zone. There would still be a lot of tables to get but that would significantly cut down the number to be placed.
  • Bucky_13
    They could also create a separate category for crafting stations and set the limit for that one to 300+ in larger houses. Something will have to be done about this eventually.
  • Oliviander
    Oh, we have the space, but have to move everything around each time (we keep them in alphabetical order), and using non-traditional surfaces still wouldn't help with the fact there is a limit on what you can place in a home.

    Then I am lucky that our Guild don't move them around but keeps them in the order of in game appearance.
    So it is less work and easier to find.
    (At least for me it is easier to remember the location than the alphabetical Order)
  • twev
    As Bucky_13 was mentioning:
    Since they're going to keep adding new motifs that will require more/new attunable stations - they ought just make attunable crafting stations use zero spaces in an estate home.

    Otherwise, eventually, even the large estate houses wont be able to fit all the crafting stations even if every single 'other' item is removed.
    It would be a rather foolish action to require guilds to buy larger than current estate houses to accommodate the motif bloat attunable station tables that will eventually exceed current limits.
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  • karthrag_inak
    Khajiit's primary residence is also guild hall, with all set stations. This one plans on moving the jewelry stations to another house and setting up an EHT portal near crafting area, since jewelry stations are not used as often. Is not ideal, but is better than degrading delightful decorations.
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