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Vateshran Hollows Scattered Spirits Achievement

Soul Shriven
I've done several runs through Vateshran Hollows trying to find all 5 Remnants in each portal area in order to get the Scattered Spirits achievement (I'm farming for the Void Pitch dye), but so far I have never been able to find more than 4 in a single run in each portal. Sometimes I only find 1 or 2 despite scouring the areas very thoroughly. My question is: is it possible for less than 5 remnants to actually spawn after finding the appropriate Essence orb in each area, thus making the Scattered Spirits achievement impossible to complete until the Arena resets?
  • Arbit
    I don’t believe so. If you’re struggling to find the essence orbs there are maps of the spawn locations for the orbs at Alcast HQ. I have rarely ever gotten less than 5 orbs on my vateshran runs, there have been 1 or 2 occasions where I have missed 1 when I was looking for them, but I do believe that was my fault and not the games.
    Argonian Master Race
  • jaws343
    When I went for the achievement I found a few orbs around the side boss areas.
  • Jaimeh
    I used to think that when I did it back on the PTS, but actually there's just a lot of places they can spawn, so like the other commenter said, best to have a look at a guide for all possible locations to make sure you're not missing them.
  • Nirntrotter
    There are images on google that help a lot; definitely check all the side bosses, portal areas in blue etc.
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  • Bl4ckR3alm93
    Just to make sure, so I have to get 5 remnants from each arena making it 15 total correct? Im working on this now
  • oterWitz
    Just to make sure, so I have to get 5 remnants from each arena making it 15 total correct? Im working on this now
    Yes. Completing it looks something like:

    Clear blue portal -> Red portal. Use the wounding portal mechanic to unlock the fortitude buff. Hunt down the 5 fortitude remnants that have spawned.
    Clear red portal -> Green portal. Use the brimstone mechanic to unlock the stamina buff. Hunt down 5 stamina remnants.
    Reset or finish the arena.
    Clear Green Portal -> Blue portal. Use the crossbow to unlock the magicka buff. Hunt down 5 magicka remnants. Done!

    Note: I and some others have had issues with the achievement not registering you getting all five remnants despite getting the full buff on the character sheet, so you may have to do a portal over again to get it. It's not that bad to get though.
    PC NA
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