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A Huge Thank You To The PVE Community (NA PS)

Been a long time pvper, decided to get Into more PVE content and so done some research, grabbed my healer, geared him up as best as I could based on my research and in I jumped.
First up on as depths of malator on normal. Awful experience, one guy kept berating the other two guys and they left. One of them whispered me and asked if I wanted to join them. So I did. I ended up in the vet version. I pointed out my lack of experience. And they said not to worry, they’ll show me the ropes as we go round. And they did, not only that, but they also invited me to their trial guild. Unbelievable act of Goodwill. I’ve now done 3 runs of a normal trial and I’ll be trying the vet version tonight.I wrote this because too often in this game, we only hear about the bad stuff. So just wanted to share this. And also thank the PVE community.

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  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Happened to me with cauldron on veteran. I’m a so so healer, and this was my random dungeon for the day. I warned the party I was with that I’m still learning the ropes of healing and that I’ve never done this dungeon. Told them that I wouldn’t be offended if they wanted me to leave. They didn’t mind at all. Explained the mechanics to me and everything. We did wipe fully numerous times at the end, but we finished. I ended up becoming friends with all three of them.

    DOM, another random dungeon. Explained to the dps and tank that I’ve never done this dungeon.

    “You good”

    So we set off. I died numerous times. Never once did they complain about it. I was super embarrassed. They flew through the content so I knew they were pros at the dungeon. I ended up getting a cool looking skin at the end. I’ve never seen them since, but I’ll always remember them fondly for helping me learn.
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  • Hawco10
    Glad you had a similar experience. These people are the real hero’s of ESO.
  • Noldornir
    This is a good thing, keep in mind that 90% players play DD and over 60% of those are not doing enough damage (that's when ppl usually gets toxic) more competition means only the strongest are wanted.

    On the other hand ppl will be most likely happy to help a tank/healer while he's training as there'r not many around.

    DD that does not perform good enough should seriously consider to swap role, it would be more beneficial to others and them too (It's more fun to be a good healer/tank and be praised than to be a bad DD and get pointed as the issue).

    You being a PvPer did very good choosing to heal and try pve (starting from normal too) but usually most ppl just get into a vet dungeon with a 2h weapon/resto staff backbar as DD (and ive seen this happening in trials too) because they CBA swapping setup. Burst damage in PVE is no good as anything has lottta HP unlike players.
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