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Why Would You Worship Akatosh?

Aurbic reality, by its nature, is inert. It is the sum total of a series of deterministic values that exist to limit and define infinity. However, the nature of infinity is that it has no beginning and it has no ending. Therefore, all deterministic values are caught between two zeroes and are thus Voided. In Protean-Creatia Physics, we call this the Anuic Principle: the natural tendency of everything to be nothing.

The Marukhati misinterpreted this reality as to what they referred to as "the One goes Missing", and used it to vindicate the notion of Unitary-Essence and thus plugged in Lorkhanic values as double. Had they paid attention to the results of the Dwemer (not for naught did they call their doom the Prime Gestalt) they would have learned the fallacy of this. Sadly, monkey see, monkey do.

However, by introducing direction into the Aurbic equations, we begin to see the static magnitudes form beginnings and endings and give birth to the concept of change. Therefore, deterministic values fall away and give rise to probability. Even so, it must be noted that natural temporal direction is indefinite and utterly subjective: thus too are the introduced beginnings and endings indefinite. This turbulent flow of time renders probability the equal of reality, eliminating the concept of impossibility unless otherwise stated through the use of linearity; as explained in Vehk's Book of Numbers.

And it is for this reason that the Prime Mover of Duration is also revered as the Father of Vectors.

-Transcripts taken from the quiet mutters of Inmate 10-25-7-7-1-12-1-7: a once respected numerologist of the University of Gwilym who was driven into a quiet and harmless, near innocent, lunacy after being held hostage for 17 days by Sheogorath Cultists.
  • AcadianPaladin
    Akatosh is the Dragon God of Time. What's not to like about his ability to help you time travel or even give you a dragon? :)

    Now, my elf is a Paladin of Kynareth, but she likes to be on the good side of all the Nine (or Eight if you haven't traveled time and seen the future).
    PC NA (PvE)
  • Sinlar
    A very interesting model of Aurbic possibility and probability.
    This one would suggest that considering it in the light of:

    Time being a measure of the duration of consciousness.

    Will perhaps provide further insights on various levels of realities.

  • sheesh1991
    Soul Shriven
    He’s a dragon! That’s why I would worship him!
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