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Cyrodiil Queue Broken (Midyear Yayyy)

There is a pretty serious, non-UI bug with the Cyrodiil queue: I join the queue for Grey Host this afternoon (queue = 129).

- Queue ticks down normally.
- I notice that my position has not moved in 10-15 minutes (queue position = 81).
- I'm checking in guild chats and on discord and turns out guild-mates who joined queue well after me are now right with me (guild-mate A is at position 88).
- My queue position stays fixed at 81 for the next 1.5 hours.
- I stay in queue thinking it HAS to be a UI error -- my position is probably moving and the display is stuck.
- When my guild-mate (the one who joined significantly after me) got the Cyro load screen I finally gave up.
- Log out and in again -- no queue position
- I am cry :'(

@ZOS please look at the Cyrodiil queue for anything that could cause this. During an event like midyear it's pretty game-breaking. I lost an entire evening of PVP including a scheduled guild event. I don't want to sit through a queue of 100+ tomorrow for the same bug to occur.

Also, because I resigned myself to not PVP tonight after the big oof I did the following science:

1. Queued for Grey Host, swapped characters. Swapped back to queued character @ ~4 minutes offline -- still in queue (ticking down normally)
2. Repeated step 1. staying offline for ~8 minutes. Same thing -- still in queue at a lower number
3. Repeated, ~12 minutes. Still in queue.
4. Repeated, 20+ minutes. Dropped from queue.

:* TLDR: Queue is borked; also you can jump on different characters for up to 15 minutes without losing your queue position.
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  • Rhandee235
    That's a pretty raw deal. Bad enough to plan on the huge queues for this event, worse to get ZOS'd out of an evening's raid.
  • kadar
    Rhandee235 wrote: »
    That's a pretty raw deal. Bad enough to plan on the huge queues for this event, worse to get ZOS'd out of an evening's raid.

    Bless you for caring. <3
  • Avoranti
    I was just coming here to post on this. The second day the queue just stops for no reason. Only way to fix it that I’ve found is to leave queue and start again. Which is bs. I already sat in queue for 30+ minutes now I have to sit in queue for another and miss my guilds entire event. Again!!
  • Velocious_Curse
    @ZOS_GinaBruno This is for real a huge issue. i've had to leave and re-queue for the last 4 hours...
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  • kadar
    Update: maybe ignore that queue testing too idk. Just now, I queued, swapped to 2 different characters to train riding skill real quick. Was back on the queued character in less than five minutes and I lost my spot in queue. Who knows how this sh|t works :D
  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    Last year they created a bunch of temp servers to alleviate the overwhelming hoards trying to log into cyro during peak hrs - I give up logging in until after peak hrs. I have friends who are getting queue positions of 225 before the game crashes to desktop & they have to queue again! It's just not worth the hassle even for the AP!
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  • ThreeXB
    This is still happening. I was stuck at Q81 for 2 hours and a friend of mine that Q'd 30 minutes after me got in. I tried/reloading and nothing. What a waste of a few hours
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