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PvP Stamcro vX medium build - Cyrodiil - Big Burst - Group play - Brazier of Roebeck

Soul Shriven
Hey guys, I released a new build video the other day and have decided to start sharing my videos with you guys on the forums! I will be making weekly build videos aswell as uploading what I deem the best of the action I have in PvP (Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds). I wont blab on too much so here is my first build video for this patch! I hope you enjoy it :)

5x clever alch back bar
5x Spriggan front bar
1x Bracers of the Trainee
1x Torc of tonal OR Ring of the wild hunt OR Malacaths band

Blastbones? Not OP at all...
  • gariondavey
    How do you have 30k resists in medium without armor master or pariah?
    PC NA @gariondavey, BG + Cyrodiil Focused Since October 2017
    Stamplar (main), Magplar, Magsorc, StamDK, MagDK, Stamblade, Magden, Stamden
  • Brazier_of_Roebeck
    Soul Shriven
    I am using resistance potions, But i have since upgraded my build and will release a new video! - I am tankier with WAY more dmg :D
    Blastbones? Not OP at all...
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