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Looking to make new friends (PC EU)

Soul Shriven
Hello there!

I'm a Finnish lady approaching my thirties looking forwards to find new friends in ESO. I'm not very experienced with the game though, I have played some 200 hours on steam and who knows how many hours on my previous account... But I never got further than I'm now, at 50CP. I tend to start new characters and get quickly bored of the old ones xD. But I'm sticking with my warden for now (she is lvl 40, so soon I'll be earning those delicious CPs again). I play DPS so far, cause it's the only thing I somewhat know how to play. Not good at it though. I'm looking to learn more about the game (though I've watched and re-watched all those lengthy beginner guides on youtube for many times - so I know something :P).

I'm more casual than hardcore player. I don't like PvP at all, so PvE is my jam. I'm looking for a few mature friends who I can play and learn with. I'd like to chat while playing whenever I can (have a kiddo and a partner, sometimes I can't), so Discord is a must. I'm generally a very friendly and social person, easy to approach and to get along with. I'd like to find someone, who would like to do chill stuff like guesting and delves and so on together too, not just dungeons and endgame content (when I/we reach that point). Don't get me wrong, I like to do some more goal-oriented stuff too. And eventually, I would like to learn to do all the stuff in the game except maybe the PvP...

Sound like fun? Hit me up with a message! I don't know how often I'll be looking at the forums, so you can mail me in game @Opossuminen or send a friend request on discord Possu

I speak Finnish and English - Finnish being my native language, but as you probably noticed, I can get by with my English too - though I'm bound to make mistakes.
  • cyberjanet

    Trying very hard to contact you ingame but account not found. Sent Discord request.
    Favourite NPC: Wine-For-All
    Mostly PC-EU , with a lonely little guy on NA.
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