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Tank main - Looking for hardcore raid guild/group

Soul Shriven

I'm looking for a hardcore raid guild/group with the same core members for every run (I don't mind a couple substitutes here and there, but would prefer the same people so it's easier to get to know the group as a whole).

I'm a 25 year old male from Norway, my English is alright so language barriers shouldn't be an issue.
I'm a Tank player and have only tanked, except in Arena type content and PvP.
I've had ESO since 2014, but been playing on and off over the years. My last break lasted from 2016 to 2020, where I started playing again late this Summer. I've mainly only done Dungeons and PvP. After returning to the game I've done a lot of Sunspire, both in Normal and Veteran mode.

Stuff I'm looking for

- Tanking, don't force me to dps
- Minimum 4 raids a week, but the more the better
- Progression once a core group is formed and everyone is comfortable
- Variety in raids, not the same one every day, every week
- Friendly atmosphere

The goal is obviously to have fun and complete all group content.

I'm not looking to get carried or carry.

Stuff I've completed:
2016 with low CP: vHRC, vAA, vSO
2020 (almost) max CP: vSS as MT and OT, vKA as MT and OT

Set's available to the group:

Alkosh, Yolnahkriin, Worm, Ebon, Earthgore, Lord Warden, Lady Thorn (I'm sure I forgot something).

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask.

Hoping I'll find my group here and keep enjoying what ESO has to offer :)

  • HappyDan
    Come join IIWII
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