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Ebonheart Pact Campaign

Soul Shriven
Greetings my Ebonheart Pact comrades! It's time to bring the war in full swing! If you are part of the Ebonheart Pact, let's utilize this thread to begin coordinating, planning, and showing these other factions that we're not messing around.

Copy and paste the following information for your character(s). This will show that you are someone who is interested in becoming part of a large or small coordinated effort in future PvP events!

Character Name:
Role (Tank,Heal,DPS):
Chat System:

Having a chat system will help, but isn't required for this discussion. Those who are friendly, team players, and wanting to dominate are all welcome to post.

So if you're looking to create a sweet ganking squad, or maybe in the future, a massive coordinated assault let's start making it happen! I look forward to seeing all of you on the fields of battle!
  • EIf
    Soul Shriven
    Character Name: Dragon
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Dragonknight
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Tank
    Chat System: Teamspeak, Ventrilo
    Comments: If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message me. I'm always willing to jump into some PvP action! Feel free to message me in game if looking for a hand.

    I hope to start getting some awesome death squads going in the future!
  • BigDumbViking
    Character Name: James Dalton (@BigDumbViking)
    Race: Nord
    Class: Dragonknight
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): DPS
    Chat System: Teamspeak, Mumble (I have my own 25 slot server available)

    Comments: I'm a MMO-PVP junkie, so if I'm on... feel free to add me for some mayhem.
    James Dalton - Nord Dragonknight

    & Trusty Steed Roadhouse

  • Arkainia
    Character Name: Arkainia
    Race: Nord
    Class: Templar
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): healer/dps
    Chat System: ts, skype, ingame, and anything else
    Comments: getting some or atleast a large party of decent co ordinated players would be great.
    Bella, Horiddi Bella
  • kryptly
    Soul Shriven
    Character Name: Kryptly Quantum
    Race: khjite
    Class: spellsword
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): dps
    Chat System:anything
    Comments: Pacific time zone, very competitive, looking to be the best or part of it.
  • Nadijeh
    Character Name: Nadijeh & Lilithara
    Race: Wood Elf
    Role: DPS/Heal
    Chat System: Teamspeak, Mumble, Chat

    Our guild is Eastern Empire which is a chapter in the Win Everyday [WE] cross-game guild platform. A bunch of us are also from GW2's WvW (Tier 1, Blackgate, Enigmas of Elan [EE]) , we were very dedicated there & plan to be here.

    Send me a mail to coordinate

    PS: A suggestion based off how we ran world pvp in GW2, having a sever...or in this case, faction-wide public team speak would serve as a major benefit for coordination on the war front for all the guilds in the faction.
    Edited by Nadijeh on April 27, 2014 4:54PM
  • Twistedmind
    Character Name: Irienie Maera
    Race: Dunmer
    Class: Sorcerer
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Heal
    Chat System: Typing / TS / Mumble / Skype
    70% RP player, 15% PvE, 15% PvP but glad to join in and help if needed ( once I get around to that area my self. )
    Egypt and Antarctica kills off more investigators each year than cancer does.
    Old Call of Cthulhu fact.
  • Jake71887
    Character Name: Kazba Rohk'thar
    Race: Orc
    Class: Nightblade
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Heals
    Chat System: Anything
    Comments: Dawnbreaker Campaign
  • delphwind_ESO
    High Elf
    Any chat type
    Loved PvP in beta, can't wait to get into the swing of things here. Have not selected a campaign yet, any suggestions?
  • saraci
    Character Name: Cena
    Race: Argo
    Class: Templar
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Heal/Dps
    Chat System: TS, Vent, etc
    Comments: would love to run around with some form of organized group. always been a support/heal class. Auriel's home campaign
  • urdnought
    Character Name: Racko
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Dragon Knight
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Damage
    Chat System: Teamspeak
    Comments: Looking forward to grouping up for some PvP - Time to show the other factions what being an Ebonheart is all about!
    Edited by urdnought on April 3, 2014 11:32PM
  • calla400
    Character Name: Cahula
    Race: Imperial
    Class: Dragonknight
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Melee/DPS
    Chat System: Teamspeak
    Comments: Ready to rock those Aldies and Daggies!
  • mewi
    Soul Shriven
    Character Name: Elila
    Race: Wood Elf
    Class: Nightblade
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Damage
    Comments: just taking it easy, haha..
  • EIf
    Soul Shriven

    Hey guys, wanted to let you all know that you may see a friend request from @‌EIf
    That's of course me! It's getting close to start moving to phase two. I will have a hosted teamspeak for anyone interested to join and will also post a designated campaign for the event. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please notify me at any time. Thanks for posting the interest, let's get start getting some work done!
  • t.w.youngbloodub17_ESO
    Character Name: Tulane
    Race: Nord
    Class: Templar
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Dps/heal
    Chat System: Ventrillo
    Comments: I'm just looking to find a campaign with some decent Pact leadership. I'm in Bloodthorn right now and the leadership is lacking. I also stream and would like to show Twitch some good PvP from the Pact.
  • urdnought
    Looking forward to what you have planning @Elf - If anyone in the meantime wants help leveling up or simply a group to run content with please message @Elf @Urdnought and we'd love to knock out some dungeons or bring the fight to the Dominion and Daggerfall!

  • Rhime
    Character Name:Rhime Skyshroud
    Race:Wood Elf
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS):DPS
    Chat System:preferred Vent, but TS too.
    Comments:I'm an officer with The Legends of Evermoor and we are interested in getting down to PvP business. Currently set in the Chrysamere campaign.

    Edited by Rhime on April 25, 2014 1:40PM
  • Shadrail
    Character Name: Shadrail
    Race: Khajiit
    Class: Templar
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): DPS or off heals
    Chat System: TS
    Comments: VR2 currently tryin to grind it up. Lookin for other VR players to grind to VR10 with and always down for PVP.
  • LuxInTenerbris
    Name: Dia Cassia (@luxintenebris)
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Sorcerer
    Role: Healer or DPS
    Chat: Mainly typing but TS and Vent a possibility if not already on Skype to...

    Bryjna Nivea (@lipsticklion)
    Race: Nord
    Class: Nightblade
    Role: Tank
    Chat: As above
  • Quash
    Character Name: Quash (@Quash)
    Race: Breton
    Class: Templar
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Full on heals and support
    Chat System: TS or Vent (No mic atm)
    Comments: Limited playtime usually 1-3 hours a night. Bloodthorn home PvP now. Also currently Vet rank 1.
  • NeeScrolls
    hey OP , thanks for starting this thread. It's badly needed imo.

    Character Name: Nee Shadowfire
    Race: Argonian
    Class: Sorceror
    Role (Tank,Heal,DPS): Heal , but still only level 24 at the moment
    Chat System: prefer typing cuz i don't have 'mic' but i can *listen* np
    Comments: Valendrung campaign is desperately needing more Pact players...and more consistantly.

    See everyone around sometime. -- regards, Nee

    Edited by NeeScrolls on April 26, 2014 10:20PM
    {* Nee Shadowfire, former EMPEROR and Argonian EP guild-leader of the 'Knights of Masser' *}

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