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[PC][NA] Divine Society -- A place you can call home

We are Divine Society, a social progression guild that’s kind of become like a family. We have a great mix of newer players and vet players. Our active goal is to help you grow and achieve whatever it is you are looking for in the game, while also having a friendly and social place to relax and laugh with others.

We have fun events like Picture of the Week, Trivia, Overland Hunting, Social Event games like Lawn Darts, Dungeon runs, Trial runs, etc... We are not a hardcore, competitive “trial team” guild. We are built up of adults that have lives and kids and jobs, so we understand that your whole life does not revolve around the game.

We currently have spots open for leadership positions (Officer and Raid Leader) if you feel like you would make a good fit for that or have always been interested in doing something like that. We make everything easy, and everyone is super helpful.

This game is supposed to be fun, and all of us felt like we would never find a guild where we really *fit in* and now we’re a tight knit family eager to have more people join. We have a little over 100 members in all time zones of the US. We have daytime players, evening players, and late-night players.
So come join today!
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