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Elder Scrolls Online & Guild Wars 2 Side-by-Side – Should You Play Them?

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I decided to make a thorough video to give people an honest review of both MMOs that I currently play on a regular basis. So if you're interested in how ESO compares to other MMOs in terms of combat, this might be interesting for you to check out!


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  • SirLeeMinion
    Nice video!

    I moved from GW2 to ESO shortly after Heart of Thorns dropped, and before they fixed the issues they introduced with it. Your video made me want to go back and take a look at it again. While I love the graphics and story of ESO, you reminded me how much better open world PvE and PvP are in GW2. Though you didn't cover it (iirc) the video also reminded me how much better the GW2 group finder is. It's too bad they never did much with housing. I'm not a fan of CP 2.0 or the combat direction over the past couple of years here; you've prompted me to give GW2 another go. Thanks!
  • Ragnarock41
    Bit late to comment on this, I've been playing GW2 a lot in my absence from ESO and being the stamDK main myself I've been addicted to playing warrior and guardian in PvP. Both of these games have their own pros and cons and both of them have a developer team that is really bipolar when it comes to combat balance hahah. Its always frustrating to take a few months of a break and come back to find your old build unviable.

    As far as storytelling goes though, For the base game, ESO absolutely crushed GW2 in terms of new player experience and overall storytelling in base game while GW2 redeems itself with its really damn good DLC content. Regardless, It crushes my soul to know that there probably won't be a Guild Wars 3. Stagnation in MMORPG genre is just bad news for all the fans.
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