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Please add Antiquity skill line upgrade in Crown store

Soul Shriven
I've been trying to level a new character in scrying/excavating and the last two levels are so excruciatingly slow because we don't get all the "freebie" purple leads in each zone, I am so tired of grinding on Artaeum, please just add this to the Crown store so I can be done....
  • Reverb
    I expect they will when Greymoor becomes a DLC next week.
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  • B0SSzombie
    Fun fact, I just finished leveling a character from nothing to Rank 10 on Antiquities using only blue and green leads, and a single purple and 2 gold duplicate furnishings I stumbled across.

    I wound up with around 150 Scrying Dippers and 170 Psijic Folios from Artaeum and made around 300,000 gold at the end of it. Downside is that it took probably close to 15 hours and was extremely mindless fairly quick.
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  • Fennwitty
    Lots of zones have free gold and purple leads. Coldharbour drops that anomaly almost constantly, Craglorn gold altar is super common.

    Lots of common purple leads also. Seat of the Snow Prince in West Skyrim, Rivenspire throne thing, Grahtwood chandelier.

    I have one character with maxed scrying do treasure maps, scry the purple+ leads and then switch characters to let the other dig them up.
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  • UntilValhalla13
    Once you hit the ability to scry gold leads, go to coldharbor and harvest alchemy nodes. The gold lead there drops super frequently and level way faster.

    What really sucks is leveling alts, because you don't get the purple leads in each zone anymore. You're basically stuck in artaeum until rank 7. I've done like 6 different characters at this point.

    They probably don't want to add it to the crown store because it's the biggest, and most brain-numbing, time-killer in the game. They have to pad the active player hours out for their spreadsheets..
  • redspecter23
    For leveling alts, use the coldharbour method of excavating void crystal anomaly, starting at level 2. Use your main to scry the lead, then swap to your alt and dig it up. You could do it in theory at level 1, but at level 2 you unlock the trowel which makes it much more doable. The heavy shovel at level 4 should help even more. There is a hard restriction on the scry part, but you can attempt a dig at any level. The xp is awarded on the dig completion so alts can powerlevel with void crystal anomaly easily enough once you're good enough at digging.
  • Wildberryjack
    Either that or let all characters have the one free purple scry per zone. I mean something. As it is now it takes for-EVER to get alts up on the skills.
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