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Help understanding champion points? Just hit CP and I'm a magicka templar.

Soul Shriven
Hi all,

Finally got to champion points (yay) but am trying to best understand which ones to dive into. I have seen some guides online, but they say how many for each section rather than each level up how much I should be putting in each?

For example, one of the guides mentioned Eldritch Insight, Boundless Vitality and Steed's Blessing--Do I put a few points in each spread out until I reach max?

Thank you! :)

  • oterWitz
    Congrats on hitting CP!

    Personally I'd put in enough to unlock the lowest level of certain stars I'm interested in, then spread them around evenly. For example, 10 into Eldritch Insight to unlock more of the tree, then return to it after investing in the stars I care about most. For something like Steed's Blessing, I'd say it's personal preference if you want to start leveling it up compared to unlocking stars on the tree. Boundless Vitality is a bit more important so I'd throw a few points in and slot it, then unlock the tree, just so you're not too squishy.

    Other's may have other ways of doing it, but that's my 2 cents. When at a low cp you don't need to sweat it too much, and it's more about knowing which stars you want work toward while continuing to get more experienced with the game.
    PC NA
  • Amottica
    I am about CP 450 ATM. My guild referred me to Alcast's site as they have CP builds for different CP levels instead of just maxed out elite CP. I ended up using a mid-tier (600 CP) for allocating points as I received them as I did not really understand many of the spots we can allocate points to.

    I linked solo and group PvE builds but they also have PvP builds. I was told it is a great place to get started at and for more casual gamers like most of us are.

    Good luck and enjoy. Remember, I am not an expert.
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