My Stone Eagle Aerie - "Crystalcrafter's Citadel"

Hi fellow Housing fans! :smile:

Here's a video of my Stone Eagle Aerie, which I'm using as my Master Jewelcrafter character's luxurious Markarth home. I was really inspired by this geometric Art Deco-esque Dwemer house with its golden details and private waterfalls, to make this into a crafter's villa who got rich from the magical crystals that seem to thrive around old Dwemer structures (something to do with tonal resonance perhaps). Also, I'm absolutely no video-making genius, so the video is a bit wonky, but I hope you'll enjoy the tour! :sweat_smile:

Reception Room (where the clients can wait for their Jewelry consultation while being impressed by the golden statues and the indoors waterfall - if you got it, flaunt it)

Crystalcrafter's Workshop

Office (I found this room more useful as a self-contained room, than a corridor that leads to an external door, so it's blocked off by a 'window')

Some pipes and mechanisms around the mansion still showcase its Dwarven origins.

Parlor, Dining Room, Kitchen

Ensuite Bedroom

The Citadel Overlook (I blocked off one of the house's 3 exit doors to place a Tower at the roof level, for a fabulous viewing area over the city)

Northern and Southern Crystal Courtyards (the source of the riches that pay for this luxurious Dwemer mansion above the city)

More shots of the Courtyard

Bathing area on the Lower Terrace (for those who dare take the plunge into Skyrim's waters)
Just two notes as a heads-up for undecided buyers, based on my experiences: if you have OCD or just a common human preference for aligned lines you'll probably be triggered by this house because almost everything is mis-aligned and off-center. And while I do appreciate the work the housing team put into Stone Eagle Aerie, and I love the look and did buy it as evidenced; this is not a good Dwemer house to show off most of our 96 regular-Dwemer items, and the few that I put in it look painfully out of place because they match nothing there. I probably complained about the white-gold Dwemer / slate-bronze Dwemer division issue more than anybody else on this forum, and I still maintain that it was a terrible design decision to not release a single properly coloured Dwarven house, but have 3 white-Dwemer ones.

Buy this house if you 1) love the white-and-gold Markarth-Dwarven style 2) want breath-taking views over Markarth.
Don't buy this house if you 1) want a house that matches our existing Dwemer furniture 2) enjoy symmetry and aligned floor/door/wall placements.

Thanks for watching and have a great day! :blush:
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  • bridgetrose
    Gorgeous. This house went up for sale last about a month before I joined so I'll probably have a year to save up for it. It really is a favorite and the misalignment shouldn't bother me too much. :)

    The thing that I worry about is it's so large that the slot limit would be more apparent than a regular large house.
  • ivelbob
    Love this @bluebird ! Great concept and love how you brought it to life with the details
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