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My ramen stand is open for business!

Hi everyone!
My ramen stand is finally open for all Tamriel, I hope you will enjoy it and itadakimasu!!! Screenshots + Video tour below.
Video tour

HachikoChan - Aetherius Art Housing Guild - PC EU

HachikoChan Twitter

HachikoChan's Housing Life Youtube Channel

  • bluebird
    Gorgeous! :star: I love how you used those different furniture from such various styles in creative new ways to create a whole new Japanese-inspired structure! :dizzy: Amazing attention to detail, great job!
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    This is incredible @Shirayuki_Sama, what a creative concept! :smiley:
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  • Alurria
    I love this it's so creative! It looks great I love the use of the dark elf dresser as over head cabinet.
  • bridgetrose
    Really well done. So imaginative.
  • Dropstitch
    Fantastic details.
  • TerraDewBerry
    That's awesome! I don't know if you RP, but it would be so cool if you actually sold players different food/drinks from your cart. You could advertise to invite people to your home and they could buy food from you. Like maybe 30 minutes a day or as often as you wanted. I would buy food from you just for the novelty of it. :wink:
    Edited by TerraDewBerry on May 19, 2021 9:44PM
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