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Add ons vanished ?

Soul Shriven
Hi all , so this is odd .. after the patch everything worked fine , but then a couple nights ago I logged on and all my addons just vanished. They are visible in minion and updated , but in the game UI it's all blank and none of them are working. I just uninstalled everything.. game , minion , every file I could find associated with it deleted . Re installed and still the same result.
Any ideas ? I'm stumped .
  • Baertram
    -> Why can't I see any addons inside the game's AddOn manager?

    And at the start the part about logging in and taking a screenshot always helps as well to determine the correct live/AddOns folder.
    Edited by Baertram on May 13, 2021 2:29AM
  • Orange_fire_dragon
    You probably got the same issue I had, normally the addon folder is in the eso folder located in Documents.

    Well, for me it decided to move the location of that folder to ProgramData folder which is a hidden folder, so you need to enable ability to see those types of folders.

    If you try to move the folder off of there, the game will insist on using that location and resets your settings etc.

    No idea why this happens but god damn was it annoying to figure out.
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