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Racial idea: Dwarven Race. (Reason included.)

Description: ”Before the great disappearance, The dwarven folk were highly Technologically advanced and capable of forging some of the best Arnaments from whom others have not been able to discern as well as creating Animunculi to defend their homes. They also dabbled extensively in the arcane arts in order to harness the divine Magics into their dwemeri technology.”

Craftlord: Increases your experience gain with the Light, Medium and Heavy Armor Skill lines by 5%. Equipment upgrades with Platings, Resins, Tempers and Tannings of epic quality require 1 less and legendary require 2 less.
Metallurgic Alacrity(level 5, 15 and 30.): Increases your Magicka Recovery by 86//127/258. Increases your Light and Heavy attack Speed by 2/5/10%
Animunculated Animus(level 10, 20 and 40.): 600/1200/2000 Max Health and Magicka.
Forge Master(Level 25, 35 and 50.): Increases Heavy Armor Rating by 1/2.5/5%, Medium Armor rating by 10/20/40% and Light Armor Rating by 20/50/100%*
(*This is applied before all other modifiers and only affects individual armor pieces.)

Lore placement: as a Dwarven vestige, The potential to exist in Nirn after the red moment could take place between the time where one goes to fetch the fragments to the staff of towers for the psijics, in which the temporal rifts could act as metaphorical gateways to a plane of oblivion beyond all others (as falion in the 4th era once claimed to have seen the Dwemer while walking the plains of oblivion. Which plane of oblivion he was walking prior to the sighting I do not know, but I note this reference for my own reasons.)

Or it could be tied to the temporal instability of Nchuthnkarst in which that instability allowed some unique persepective in a potential dwemeri resurgence of some kind, albeit a very small one. Kind of reminds me of the lore regarding Yagrum Bagarn being the last living dwarf journeying in the outer realms.

But what tipped me off knowledge wise is, if the dwarves truly disappeared upon use of the tools, it could be because the combination of a dragon break (since the heart was of divine intricacy and the tools would most likely be of kinetic and tonal properties as a similar scenario can be thought upon in the Reach storyline as the vestige finds a way to reach Rada al Saran with verandis ravenwatch.) and the use of the Tools “Without the Wraith Mail” as it is noted in the Lore that “Wielding the weapons without the gauntlet will often lead to the instant death of the wielder” or in this case the entire Dwarven race within the radius of the aforementioned dragonbreak. Yagrum was the only survivor due to his journey in the outer realms, wherever it may have been, it could have very well been out of the dragonbreaks radius.

From here on out, it will be a long time to come, but I will unearth the mystery behind the Dwarven disappearance of the red moment, one way or another. Maybe... maybe...
Edited by Skullstachio on May 1, 2021 2:58AM
"When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men." ~Manly P. Hall
  • TheNuminous1
    This is a well thought out and lore friendly way to allow a vestige to become a deeper.
  • colossalvoids
    Right now we know too little therefore there are a lot of theories where dwemer just can't exists at all, like they never been. It would be probably left as a grand mystery for a pretty good amount of time, if even people in charge have any idea what they wanted dwemer disappearance to be.
  • JoDiMageio
    ^totally agree

    People already freaked out about "Dragons in your homeland"... A "dwemer break" would be extremely hard to justify, and imo would completely upend the lore.
  • Adernath
    I'd like to see dwemer in the game. It could be justified by an upcoming dragon break, which will detach the timeline of the lore whe are used to know based on the TES3-5 games, and free ESO from these restrictions. Then we would truly be able to get an evolving lore from expansion to expansion without anyone knowing what will happen next.

    This does not mean that all mysteries of the dwemer will be revealed. The dwemer players could still do not know what happened to their race.
    Edited by Adernath on April 30, 2021 4:20PM
  • Skullstachio
    And that's assuming we only have one Dwemer return. In reality, we'd see Dwemer on every street corner because this is a multi-player game. At that point, we're now looking at how ESO intends to explain away the "2nd Era reappearance of the Dwemer" yet no one knows about it in the 3rd and 4th Era (despite enduring characters and institutions like the Tribunal, the Psijic Order, the College of Sapiarchs, and the Daedroc Princes knowing all about it.)

    (Edited to account for my autocorrect acting especially bizarre today.)

    To be fair, I do agree with some points.

    I cannot distinctly remember where “in the Elder Scrolls Online” it was said, but I know I heard something about how there is “only One” vestige in the respective timeline and that it would be impossible for there to be more than one vestige within that singular timeline if the respective lore article is of any proper indication.

    To a point: The Elder Scrolls Online “time wise” may play by “multiverse theory” in which there is only the one vestige which could have the ability “unknowingly” to see vestiges of Alternative Timelines, potential vestigial aspects of different timelines which have no potential Impact on the timelines within of the vestiges own place in time. This particular notion of multiverse theory was somewhat proven when the vestige stopped Josajeh from completely misusing the staff of towers but not before pulling in three different versions of herself from alternate timelines during the fight ahead, which could have dire consequences in those respective worlds.

    A contemplation comes to mind: if three different versions of josajeh were pulled into the chamber, would that not inadvertently create several dragonbreaks in those respective realms due to the absence of those particular souls. Because dragonbreaks exist to try and stabilise time in those realms to the best of my knowledge.

    But who knows, All I know is that there is nothing more fun in some cases than cracking an unsolved mystery.
    "When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men." ~Manly P. Hall
  • Ratzkifal
    The only way we can ever see Dwemer in ESO is either through flashbacks like the ones we had with Count Verandis, or by going to an alternate reality of Tamriel where the Dwemer have never disappeared (where they might not even be that advanced either) and the NPCs there would all be very confused and intrigued when we tell them that the Dwemer disappeared where we came from.
    The disappearance of the Dwemer must remain a mystery in order to not lose its appeal and it can only ever be resolved if it is replaced by an even greater mystery. That being said, I don't think it is right for ESO to be the game to replace that mystery.

    And the Dwemer themselves must also remain mysterious. Interacting with them can only be made possible if we can catch nothing more than glimpses of them. There are many questions we players have that the characters within the universe should not have. For example what the Dwemer looked like should be no secret because people have been living together with them for years, with a few of these contemporary witnesses still being alive in ESO and the games that follow. Some rich Summerset artist must have pestered Divayth Fyr long enough for him to conjure up an image of a Dwemer as a reference. But to us players - we only have the old TES3 Dwemer ghosts, the deformed Yagrum and some concept art to go with.

    That being said, I do not think they should become a playable race in ESO. You clearly put some thought into all of this, but that would honestly just break so many more things than it would be worth.
    Also Falion as a source is very questionable and everything here is based on him telling the truth. He says he met Dwemer, but only mentions them in passing and then he went to Morthal of all places but does nothing with his vast cosmic knowledge? Are we sure they didn't just kick him out of the College? I am pretty sure Falion is just propping himself up when he says he met Dwemer as part of his salespitch or to impress/scare the villagers so they leave him alone. He might be able to cure vampirism and lycanthropy but he really does not seem to be as big of a deal as he claims to be. According to the game files he doesn't even know a single spell! For all we know there is really only one Dwemer around.
    But who knows, All I know is that there is nothing more fun in some cases than cracking an unsolved mystery.
    Cracking an unsolved mystery is fun the way solving a puzzle is fun. Once the puzzle is solved the fun is stops. It's the journey that matters, not the solution. You are suggesting to hand us the solution on a silver platter which takes away from the journey.
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
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