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Cave Hideaway (Ample Domicile)


Imagine that during your adventures you stumble upon a cave and decide to explore it.
After passing a narrow corridor, you enter an overgrown cavern with ancient ruins, illuminated by mysterious magical lights!
Who lived here? What were these buildings for? You don't know the answers, but you find this remote cavern to be the perfect place to build a cozy hideaway!

The cave is located at the Ample Domicile house.
To be the Chosen One really sounds like lots of fun,
But in the end you'll just be someone's lunch
  • airie
    it's so cozy, serene, & magical — thanks for sharing ♡
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  • Araneae6537
    Wow, that is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your build! :blush:
  • SownRose
    Wow! That was amazing! You're very creative, I never would've thought of that. Thanks for sharing!
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  • bridgetrose
    Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  • kaisernick
    wow that is amazing, thank you for sharing.
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