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Changeable load-in positions for huge manor homes

So Pantherfang is out on the PTS. Lovely design. It would make a really nice mini zone or town, but a home... with 700 item max capacity... come on!
Look, I think players are hoarse from shouting feedback on not wanting massive homes that can't be comprehensively finished out with only 700 slots.
So, ZOS please, can I suggest that if you are adamant on bringing out a disproportionately large amount of these huge sprawling crown store mega zones every year, could you at least look at the possibility of giving some small degree of choice around the location where we load in.
This would allow people (for obvious, albeit frustrating reasons) to block off part of the zone and decorate out the rest with the 700 items.
Take Pantherfang as an example. The only way to decorate that entire zone would be to sparsely add a few bits of furniture throughout. This gives no real sense of immersion or personalisation. So realistically people will probably end up decorating either the fort or the chapel. So imagine the creative options that would be possible if, in the house settings, you could choose to load in either at the chapel, fort or garden. You could then block off the part you can't decorate.
I think, given that it just seems set in stone that you MUST bring out these huge homes all the time, people would be more inclined to buy them if this feature was introduced.
It would not only make it far more feasible to decorate within the restrictive limits, but would allow a lot more diversity in what people could do. It would be like having 3 homes in one. You could even change things around after a while and decorate a different section.
With a fixed, single load in point, you are kinda tied to having to decorate only the area near that spot or else have this unsightly, immersion breaking walk of disappointment through a lonely ghost town to get to the part you did decorate!
Plus, it would encourage more purchase of these type homes because people could dream that one day, if slots ever got increased, that we could come back and open up the other section that we blocked up.
Please ZOS. You've pretty much ignored the calls to stop bringing out these monster zones, I know you must have your commercial reasons. I'm sorry but it has to be said, you haven't really done a great job at bringing out enough one piece clutter items (filled bookcases are a great first step but it seems your imagination stopped there... what about filled alchemy shelves, or enchanting tables or dining tables with 4 settings and a centre piece??!). So this would really be a great way to help players overcome the frustrating challenge that I know puts many people off buying these huge homes.
All my housing builds are available on YouTube
I am happy to share the EHT save files for most of my builds.
  • FluffWit
    Couldn't agree more- being able to choose where we load in would be great.
  • Feendish
    I absolutely agree with you. I did not buy Stone Eagle Aerie for this reason, and the same with Bastion Sanguinaris. These massive houses are too expensive to have to block off huge chunks if you want to put in 700 items with any kind of detail. It is very jarring and immersion breaking to run through an empty hallway to get to the built-in area. Customizing the spawn point would be helpful (not as much as a higher item limit, but here we are).

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